I’m not normally a person who does things on the spur of the moment, but on Thursday last week we decided to drive over to Bristol for the weekend. Mr H’s brother, J, has been saying for a while that he’d like to buy our old laser printer and last week he contacted us to say could we post it to him asap! We had a quick look at postage costs, but given that the printer weighs 30kg it was going to cost £40+! We then thought, well, we may as well take it over or he could collect it or we could meet part way.

Mr H’s sister and brother in law (D and G) were already staying with J and his wife, S, so it was suggested we go as well and have a little H family get together. Apart from J and S’s wedding in April (when we didn’t get any chance to catch up and spend time together properly) we haven’t had a chance to all be together for 2 1/2 years (before J knew S).

It was great to spend lots of time together. We played lots of games of Settlers of Catan (something we’re trying to buy for ourselves now, either that or Carcassonne which is better for 2 players), ate lots of nice food (not so good for the diet, though I didn’t put on this week, I didn’t lose either), went of a walk in the couple of hours when it didn’t rain on Saturday morning and just all relaxed together (and drank some nice wine).

The munchkin was wonderful (apart from not wanting to sleep on Friday night, too much excitement). She was so well behaved and friendly. Mr H decided to collapse her travel cot on Sunday morning and just have her sleep on the way home in the afternoon which was not his best idea, she got a little grumpy then, but she did sleep most of the way home.

We had a bit of a nigtmare travelling, both on the way to Bristol and the way home again there were accidents on the M25, so to try and avoid getting caught in the tailbacks we detoured into London and onto the North Circular, it added about 30/40 minutes to the journey on the way home, but the delays from vthe accident were estimated at 60 minutes so that was a good choice. However on the way to Bristol we got caught in some of the rush hour traffic in London, a journey that should have taken us 2 3/4 hours took us 5 hours! The munchkin was good and did sleep a little (though not as much as we’d hoped).

It was a fab weekend, though I’m struggling to get myself back into routine this week and keep on top of everything. I’ll get there though, the weekend was definitely worth it, it was great to have a relaxing time away.