Today’s Fun Monday is hosted by Jenni at Prairie Air (pop along and see a list of who’s taking part).

The topic for this Fun Monday is summer memories. Besides a few of your favorite summer memories, I’d like to hear what summer means to you. Is summer all about fireworks, watermelon seed wars, catching fireflies, days at the lake, family vacations, or the perfect swimsuit? What sights, smells, sounds, tastes, feelings do you associate with summer?

Having just had an impromptu weekend away I haven’t had time to dig out any photos so today’s Fun Monday from me is going to be a quick couple of paragraphs, sorry.

I love the chance to be outside in the summer, whether it’s being able to eat lunch/dinner in the garden, have a BBQ, camp while the nights are a bit warmer and enjoy walks with less chance of getting wet (though definitely not so far this year!).  When I was teaching it was definitely a time to look forward too, having a real chance to rest and catch my breath after a long year.

I have fond memories of Pathfinder Ventures (a Christian youth holiday). I went along as a leader for 5 years and loved it. I loved sitting out in the evenings with the other leaders talking and singing under the stars once we’d got all the teenagers to go to bed in their dorms in the house. We were out in the countryside and there was very little light pollution so on a clear night we could see so much. Another highlight of summer holidays was the annual trip to my grandparent’s house. They have a huge garden and we spent a lot of time out there. If the weather was dry we always had afternoon tea on the patio frequently complete with lovely home made scones. I can remember playing ball games with Dad and lots of games of french cricket.

My recent summer memories are mainly based upon our wedding anniversary (at the end of July). Our honeymoon almost 4 years ago was lovely, though typically British, we had a week of pouring rain and a week of scorching sunshine. I loved sitting on the decking at the back of the cottage we rented. It wasn’t over looked at all even though there were other cottages near the front of the house and we could relax and look over the Welsh countryside. We loved driving along the little lanes with the windows down blaring out the sound track to Shrek, though we did get sun burnt arms, my left arm and Mr H’s right (due to him always driving).

Summer though isn’t my favourite season. I’m not a fan of very hot weather, I over heat very easily so prefer spring and autumn. In addition to that I have an absolute hatred of Daddy Long Legs. I really struggle to be in the same room as one and when summer starts I know that soon I’ll be having to ask Mr H to get rid of them all the time. Amazingly so far this year we’ve only had one in the house, but that was bad enough. I’m hoping there won’t be so many this year, but I’m just expecting them to all desend at some point…

Well, that’s a quick bit about my summer memories and thoughts. Sorry again for the lack of photos. I’ve got a busy day ahead, but if I get time I’ll have a look on the computer and see what I can find. Happy Fun Monday!