My parents, sister, BiL and two of my parents friends had an interesting holiday on the canals last week. Dad was supposedly in charge and organising everything but he couldn’t keep track of where they were and which locks/bridges they had just passed through. Sadly it has been decided that there will be no more canal trips for Mum and Dad, we’re going to look at hiring a cottage somewhere for the family instead.

Dad went back to the doctors with Mum on Tuesday. His usual GP was on holiday so they saw someone else (who didn’t even look at Dad’s notes first!). Dad’s blood pressure is still very high, Mum told the doctor that Dad hadn’t been taking his tablets (Dad denied it). The doctor realised a bit more of the full extent of Dad’s memory problems once Mum had started crying with the frustration of Dad denying he was/wasn’t doing things. Dad’s now been referred to a memory specialist. The doctor suspects Dad may have Korsakoff’s syndrome. It’s something I saw online when Dad first had the problems in April and something Mum’s psychiatrist friend mentioned as well. From what I’ve read it all fits in very well with Dad’s symptoms.

I’m glad Dad is being referred to a specialist, though from what I’ve read there’s very little chance of any improvement, especially as Dad either doesn’t remember to take tablets or chooses not to (a possibility with his blood pressure tablets). I hope the specialist will be able to give Mum some idea of a prognosis as she’s already finding trying to look after Dad a little frustrating at times. We always knew that something would happen to Dad sooner than Mum due to his smoking and drinking, but never expected it yet, he’s only 55. My sister was saying on the phone the other day that she doesn’t really expect Dad to be around this time next year… I’m not sure why she thinks that, or how likely it is. In many ways I hope she’s not right, but for Mum’s sake….