…I think I’m confusing people a bit being just H…..there’s so little on this blog that could identify me (something that Mr H was worried about when I started it), I’m going to be much more me and be Hannah.

I’m not sure why, but it’s much more me than H anyway, I’ve never been much of one for nicknames anyway (not that Hannah can really be shortened…).

I guess I’m going to confuse some of you when I comment now and make you think you’ve got a new reader….sorry in advance!

I’m going to keep Mr H and the munchkin under wraps for the moment….I think Mr H would be much happier with that he’s a bit of a technogeek and is quite anxious about internet security at times.

That’s it from me for the moment. Hopefully back later (or tomorrow) once I’ve finished fighting with the evil diet destroyer…… (if anyone can guess what I mean by that I may manage to find a little prize….. 🙂 sorry, anyone that knows me on Facebook can’t enter as I’ve already mentioned it on there….).