I’m stealing this meme from Emma.

Two names you go by:

Two things you are wearing right now:
-long purple skirt
-little black mary-jane shoes

Two things you would want (or have) in a relationship:
-great converstaions

Two of your favourite things to do:
-read (books and blogs)
-snuggle up with Mr H in front of a good movie

Two things you want very badly at the moment:
-a steel sink!
-my sister to acknowledge that Mr H doesn’t choose to be allergic to her dog and to stop being difficult about it

Two pets you have had:
-cats when growing up at Mum and Dad’s (two when I was a toddler – don’t know thie rnames, Nim, Kitty – Nim’s daughter and Mum’s special cat, Moppet – mine – a beautiful tabby, Tippet, and Sil – short for Silver – he was a silver tabby)
-tropical fish (bit of a disaster – they didn’t survive the move…) 

Two people I would like to do this:
Junior Docspot

Two things you did last night:
-Laughed lots at Britains Got Talent on TV
-had a silly/pathetic argument with Mr H about nothing

Two things you ate today:
-cous cous with smoked salmon, prawns, carrot, cucumber, lemon juice and dill…yummy!
-hot buttered granary toast (slightly naughty treat) 

Two people you last talked to:
-On the phone: my sister
-In person: Mr H 

Two things you are doing tomorrow:
-chasing up online orders that haven’t arrived yet
-clearing the dining room table (again!)

Two longest car rides:
-Essex to Inverness
-Bradford (where I grew up) to Jena by coach for a string orchestra exchange

Two favourite holidays:
-Christmas, fantastic family time
– Last month in Scotland was great

Two favourite beverages:
– a good hot chocolate
– caffiene free diet coke…..yummy, no sugar/caffiene highs/lows