Fun Monday

Fun Monday is sponsored by Joy at A Spot of T. Her challenge:

I would like to see everyone’s kitchens.  I spend a great deal of time in my kitchen.  Not only for preparing meals, but for socializing, writing letters, watching tv, staring off into space…..  So I thought it would be nice to see what other kitchen’s look like out there.

So this is my kitchen (apologies about the pretty rubbish photos, I’m using my little camera for these rather than Mr H’s DSLR – he’s put his zoom lens onto it and I haven’t got a clue how to change it).

This is about as tidy as it’s been in months…..technically we have a kitchen diner, I’m standing in front of the dining table in this picture, but that part of the room is a complete state still (not quite got there with cleaning and tidying yet…) and I’m a tad ashamed of it… The metal fence type thing at the front of the picture is the only way we have of keeping the munchkin out of the kitchen, it’s half her playpen opened out, thankfully we’re not using that at the moment as we need to be able to run the washing machine without little fingers changing the settings… The window sill is usually covered in drying jars/bottles/cans for recycling, we’re not good at getting them into the box as soon as they’re ready, though Mr H put them all away when he did the bins yesterday.

Just to the right fo this picture is our huge ‘American’ fridge-freezer, I love it, even though it seems to take up half the space in the dining room. The fat fryer on the left of the cooker is shortly to be relegated back to a cupboard. We rarely use it now and it just takes up too much space.

This is the gadget area of our kitchen……including Mr H’s coffee machine and my Tassimo. The plate rack is usually full, they were all in the dishwasher when I took this. The reason we have the water filter is that the water is such poor quality around here that it’s the onnly way to keep the kettle reasonably clean and limescale free.The candle on the left is lit on occasions when we would have liked to have been joined by Mr H’s mum (so far Christmas and the munchkin’s baptism), it’s a way for us to think of her and in a way include her.

It’s definitely a cluttered kitchen, but it works for us. I do love the kitchen. There’s so much more space than we had in either of our previous houses. It does make cooking at my parent’s a challenge now as they have less than half the surface space and I’ve got used to spreading out as I work and clearing up after.

So there you are…my first Fun Monday, hopefully I’ll do more as I’ve enjoyed doing that….