A good few months ago I started looking at the FlyLady routines and beginning to follow her baby steps towards getting a tidier and organised house. When my depression took hold it all fell by the wayside. I’ve now decided that I need some help to get my housework and general organisation back under control. So I’m turning back to FlyLady.

I know the system has worked well for the wife of one of Mr H’s college friends, someone who’s a bit like me in some ways. So I’m going to give it a really good go this time and keep at it, I didn’t even manage to finish working through the baby steps last time!

The first thing we ‘FlyBabies’ are asked to do is to shine our kitchen sink every day. It’s a great start for me it’s a challenge….when we moved into our house we inherited a fairly nice kitchen, reasonably well installed with nice enough units and tiles but with a horrendous cream plastic sink. Now, if anyone knows a way of making a cream plastic sink shine I’d love to know….. I give it a good scrub (a pan only has to touch the sink for it to get black marks and ‘scratches’ on it), but there’s no way to get it properly clean.

Mr H and I have talked about getting a new steel sink, it’s the only thing we want to do to the kitchen. I think I’m just going to have to work on him a bit more….he really likes it when I’ve got the housework well under control as there’s less for him to do when he gets in from work in an evening…..a sink I could actually shine would help me stay more motivated to keep going with the whole FlyLady thing. I think it’s just the expense that’s bothering him at the moment, a new sink isn’t cheap, plus we’d need to buy new taps as well. Mr H would definitely be able to install it himself though. I let you know if I manage to persuade Mr H to let me get a new sink.

Are there any other FlyBabies reading this? How do you find the system works for you?