Mr H and I sat and watched What a Girl Wants on Saturday night. Pretty crummy film, but one we’d bought cheaply in the hopes it might be ok. The problem is it’s really struck a chord with Mr H.

In the film an American teenager comes over to London to try and find the dad she’s never meet and who doesn’t know she exists. After a rather eventful couple of months/weeks she decides that the life she’d have there isn’t for her and decides to go back to the US with her Mum and leave Dad behind. Dad realises he loves his daughter and goes over to make amends and all is happily ever after….

It left Mr H thinking about his Dad. When Mr H was 2 his Dad left for another woman. From what I can gather there was sporadic contact for a couple of years and then nothing. Mr H can’t understand how someone can just up and leave their kids, in his dad’s case twice! Mr H’s mum was his second wife and there were definitely children from the first marriage (though we don’t know much if anything about them).

It’s all making Mr H rather low and introverted. I just wish I knew what to do to help him. We can’t even talk to his mum about is as she died of breast cancer shortly after Mr H’s A levels. His brother and sister aren’t people that Mr H can talk to about thoughts and emotions particularly. They’re both older than him and I imagine can remember more about their dad. I do know that Mr H’s dad sent his sister a letter on her 18th which she binned without reading.

I’m trying to let Mr H talk when he wants to but I just don’t know what to say. Without trying to talk to his dad I can’t give him answers as to why his dad left. Does anyone reading this have any ideas for ways I could help Mr H? I know I can’t give him answers, I just wish I could help somehow.