June 2007

My sister had her 20 week scan this morning. They found fluid on the baby’s brain. She’s had an amniocentesis already today to try to rule out a chromosomal cause but at the moment the doctor has no idea what’s going on, though the baby seems to be developing completely normally. If you’re a praying sort, please pray for her and her husband as they wait to find out what’s going ok. Thanks


We had a lovely aah moment with the munchkin this week. After barely saying anything that makes any sense she’s now added Didi (Dipsy) to her repertoire 🙂 The other Teletubbies don’t get a look in, but she’ll happily say bye-bye Didi as they’re all bobbing behind their little green mounds at the end of the show. Mr H hadn’t seen that one but as she was looking at her Teletubby book with him this morning she pointed at Dipsy and said Didi and made him get a little excited.

I’m getting slightly concerned about her speech (or lack of it) as compared to her little friends she’s incrediably inarticulate. She makes lots of noises but says very few words. I’m trying not to get too worried at the moment but when I see her younger little friends naming things and putting words together it’s hard not to.

It’as easy for me to understand what the munchkin wants at any point, we’re together all day everyday and she doesn’t have to fight for my attention at all. I spoke to Mum about it and she said that my speech improved a lot when my little sister came along and I had to work a bit harder to get the attention that I wanted (hmmm…..maybe I can use that as an argument for Mr H and baby #2…….). I was the same age when L was born as the munchkin is now.

I don’t want to turn into one of the stressed out parents always comparing their child’s progress to that of others, but it’s hard not to sometimes…. I know the munchkin’s development otherwise is well on target and I just need to teach myself to look at the whole picture.

Fun Monday

Hello! Today’s Fun Monday is hosted by Swampwitch of Anecdotes, Antidotes and Anodes. Here is our assignment:

“I can learn a lot about a person by looking at their bookshelves and garage, or carport, or storage house… i.e. places where you store things.”
Swampy doesn’t know who said this, so if no one knows, she’ll take credit for it. This quote is not to be confused with Plato’s quote: “I can learn more about a person in one hour of play than in one year of conversation.”

So, here’s Fun Monday’s challenge for June 25: Post pictures of your BOOK shelves (other shelves are welcome too: toy shelves, collection shelves, any shelves) AND post pictures of the inside of your garage or any place where you lock the door when company comes so they can’t see the clutter. Rule: Don’t clean it up first.

I have managed to stick to that rule…it was so tempting to clear up first, but actually I’ve been run off my feet the past few days and haven’t got around to it 🙂

The first two pictures are the shelves in the living room, lots of double banked books and things migrating onto the top of the book cases as well as clutter everywhere….can you see why I was very tempted to tidy them first…they’re a bit embarassing.



The next photo is the bookcase in the dining room. Another clutter magnet (it’s too close to the desk, so when I need space on the desk I tend to shove things on the shelves rather than put them away….naughty Hannah!). Note the WordPress page open…yes I left it very late to take my photos again!


Finally, we don’t have a garage, but our spare room is currently a mess and has the door closed to it whenever anyone comes over. In our defense we are working though all our paper work and filing/organising it properly as well as emptying out all the remaining boxes from moving (including some boxes from college days…..I graduated 4 years ago and at least one box had never been emptied!). The bureau in the corner is supposedly where I do my card making/scrap booking, but since I can barely get to it I haven’t done any in ages. Mr H has been working on this, but lately various other DIY projects have got in the way of finishing it all off.


I’ve only just discovered that Swampwitch wanted to see some titles too….if I get the chance to upload another picture later on, I will, but otherwise sorry! 

Pop along to Swampwitch‘s place to see who else is doing Fun Monday and if anyone can out clutter/mess the H family!

Next week’s Fun Monday is being hosted by Jenni at Prairie Air so visit her to see what she has planned for us.

I realised this morning that I haven’t posted much for a little bit so I thought I’d make an effort to say something….

I’ve had such a week of not knowing whether I’m coming or going. I’m finding it hard to get my thoughts and housework in order if I have something happening that changes my normal routine. It sounds stupid but after going out to church yesterday morning to help get things ready for tomorrow’s garden party I found it so hard to get the motivation to do anything. I did the bare minimum but didn’t get things done that weren’t essential so I now feel like I’ve got lots to do today. Grrr… I’m going to give myself some time now (I’ve already done the washing up and loaded the washing machine and dishwasher so I’ve made an ok start) and then once I’ve posted this and had a quick look at some of my blogroll I really need to get on. I’m still trying to follow the whople FlyLady thing and it is helping as despite my low this week the house still looks reasonable and I felt ok enough about it to be able to invite a friend from church over for a drink after church.

The other downside of yesterday’s low was my diet….I’m very much an emotional eater and yesterday ended up going out and buying (and then eating) lots of malteasers…ooppss…. I’m going to have to be so good over the weekend to make up for it. I have lost 10 1/2 lbs in the last 9 weeks and I don’t want to destroy all the work I’ve done already

I had to head over to Chelmsford on Wednesday to see the allergy specialist. He decided to do skin tests to check the status of the latex allergy and also common things like grass pollen and house dust mites while he was at it. I didn’t react to the latex there (though I had a small reaction to the dust mites) but he has advised me to get referred to the dermatologist at my local hospital as my reaction appears to be a contact dermatitis and is worth getting checked out to find out exactly what I’m reacting to in adheshives.

I’ve got to head into the next town on this afternoon to meet Mr H and do the shopping and I’m hoping that by then I’ll have got the kitchen and dining room back under my complete control and maybe even have done a little bit of crafting (something I haven’t touched in weeks…).

Fun Monday

Today’s Fun Monday challenge is being hosed by Molly at Return of the White Robin:

For this challenge, you have been asked to show us something that hangs on your wall that is fun, interesting, endearing, sentimental, or otherwise enticing. Select the picture of Uncle Horace, Grandma Galt’s needlepoint, or little Susie’s first fingerpainting to show the blogging community.

I’m going to show you three pictures that in an ideal world would be hanging on my walls, but only one of them is at the moment partly due to not having put up many picture hooks since we moved (16 months ago!)……. Apologies for the quality of the images…I meant to photograph/scan them in yesterday but we ended up being invited out for lunch after church so I didn’t have time.

The first is a framed set of photos of the munchkin that my sister gave to us at Christmas. I love the range of pictures from the munchkins first year. This isn’t up at the moment as we can’t agree where would be a nice place to put it, plus the munchkin loves gazing at the pictures of herself 🙂 so we get it out every so often and put it  on the floor with her.


The second is a gorgeous black and white seascape that was given to us as a wedding present from ‘my girls’. ‘My girls’ are friends from secondary school, we’ve all stayed in touch through university and out the other side and we try to meet up whenever we’re back in Yorkshire. I just love it, it’s so atmospheric.This is the one picture of the three that is actually up on the wall.


The final picture I’m going to show you was part of my twenty-first birthday present. The main part of the present was a trip to Paris,  first class on Eurostar, but as we weren’t going until 5 months later he bought me this picture as well. I just love the colours and detail on it. Apologies about the glare from the flash, but it was the only photo I took of it that even vaguely showed how lovely it is.


We have lots of other pictures waiting to be hung up on the wall when we get around to it, but these are my favourites (expect for my wedding photos, but Mr H would rather not have his picture on here).

I’ve been tagged by Suburban Mum, so here goes!

The rules are simple. There are 9 questions (3², each of which has 3 answers, to give a total of 27, or 3³. The whole point is that the questions are somewhere between eclectic, banal and downright bizarre, so that you can answer completely truthfully without actually giving much away. Just put down the first three answers that come to mind if you can’t work out the “most appropriate” three.

Objects Within One Metre Of You
1. Mr H’s Father’s day present….just been out and bought it 🙂 good wifey that I am!
2. My broken glasses….the nose pad fell off yesterday so I’m in my contacts until the glue Mr H has used on the screw that holds them together has dried.
3. Half drunk bottle of diet 7Up

First Names of People You Sat Next To At School
1. Holly (lost touch after GCSEs)
2. Rachel (still one of my best friends, if she wasn’t in the US at the moment she’d probably have been one of the munchkin’s Godmothers)
3. Helen (again still one of my best friends)

Programmes You Won’t Watch
1. Eastenders….too depressing
2. Neighbours…..too addictive
3. Celebrity Love Island…..too weird

Favourite Trivial Pursuit Categories
1. Geography
2. Art & Literature
3. Science & Nature

Superpowers You’d Like To Have
1. Invisibility – so I can people watch to my heart’s content
2. Supremem cooking skills (ok, Not quite a superpower but would be good)
3. Ability to always put things away when I’ve finished with them!

Newspapers, Magazines or Periodicals Read Regularly
1. First
2. Mother and Baby
3. Cam (Alumni magazine….ok, so I don’t read magazines often!)

Songs You Dislike
1. Jingle Bells
2. Lola – The Kinks….most of their stuff is great (Apeman is brill), just don’t like this one for some reason
3. The Tweenies theme tune

Blog Posts of Your Own That You’d Recommend
Do I have to? Ummm…..
1. ARGH!!!!! (and a smile at the end!) – purely for the cure photo at the end 🙂
2. Unexpected guest! – pure randomness
3. Hmm….starting early – 🙂

People You’d Like to Tag

1. Emma
2. Sam
3. Bethany

My parents, sister, BiL and two of my parents friends had an interesting holiday on the canals last week. Dad was supposedly in charge and organising everything but he couldn’t keep track of where they were and which locks/bridges they had just passed through. Sadly it has been decided that there will be no more canal trips for Mum and Dad, we’re going to look at hiring a cottage somewhere for the family instead.

Dad went back to the doctors with Mum on Tuesday. His usual GP was on holiday so they saw someone else (who didn’t even look at Dad’s notes first!). Dad’s blood pressure is still very high, Mum told the doctor that Dad hadn’t been taking his tablets (Dad denied it). The doctor realised a bit more of the full extent of Dad’s memory problems once Mum had started crying with the frustration of Dad denying he was/wasn’t doing things. Dad’s now been referred to a memory specialist. The doctor suspects Dad may have Korsakoff’s syndrome. It’s something I saw online when Dad first had the problems in April and something Mum’s psychiatrist friend mentioned as well. From what I’ve read it all fits in very well with Dad’s symptoms.

I’m glad Dad is being referred to a specialist, though from what I’ve read there’s very little chance of any improvement, especially as Dad either doesn’t remember to take tablets or chooses not to (a possibility with his blood pressure tablets). I hope the specialist will be able to give Mum some idea of a prognosis as she’s already finding trying to look after Dad a little frustrating at times. We always knew that something would happen to Dad sooner than Mum due to his smoking and drinking, but never expected it yet, he’s only 55. My sister was saying on the phone the other day that she doesn’t really expect Dad to be around this time next year… I’m not sure why she thinks that, or how likely it is. In many ways I hope she’s not right, but for Mum’s sake….

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