Hello! My new phone is great! The keyboard is a little small, but I’m getting used to it (hopefully the diet will shrink my fat fingers a bit as well as the jelly belly!). I’m able to run most of the applications I had on my old Sony Clie. What we’ll hopefully do before we go away is set up the Bible software on there and get me some study notes of some sort to always have with me. The camera’s surprisingly good, it’s quite nice to have a picture of Mr H come up when we calls me 🙂

Caramaena – it’s definitely been worth getting though I will definitely need the protective case that’s on order as I’m worried about damaging the touchscreen in my bag when I’m out. It’s much easier to have diary/address book/phone all as one rather than several bits cluttering up my bag.

Mum did manage to go with Dad on Monday….the problem with his eye is not a bleed, the doctor isn’t sure why he has little sight in it but had referred him to an opthalmologist who he’ll see at the end of the month. His blood pressure hasn’t dropped so his medication has been upped. Dad has had a lump on the right side of his face for ages, but lately it’s grown a bit more and I’m getting concerned that that has links with his memory and eye sight, though Mum said the doctor’s haven’t commented on it at all…..I’m desperately trying not to Google anything else as I know sight problems (and memory loss) can be linked with brain tumours and I’m trying to not go there….

The munchkin is still incrediably snotty, we’ve had to avoid toddler group today as she looks awful and I don’t want the other parents to think I’m just willing to spread the bug around (though she did pick the cold up from there). We’re having fights every time I try to wipe her nose, she just hates it. It’s making her a little clingy and rather less able to cope with being told off…..we’re getting tantrums of sorts when normally she’d just wander off. Hopefully the snot will ease soon, though the 9 day cold rule (3 days to come, 3 with you and 3 to go – something Mum swears by) would mean that it’ll be Saturday before she’s better as it all started on Friday last week.

I’m doing ok, still feeling much higher than last week, though a useless online PDA company have not helped by failing to tell us items we ordered were out of stock until we rang yesterday evening to find out why they hadn’t arrived after I’d waited in all day for them! Grrr! Diet was not great yesterday as we (me and Mr H) were both tired and a little short fused….. but it was still better than some days last week. I did lose 1 1/2 lbs this week which was ok, I’d hoped for more, but a loss is a loss and more than makes up for the previous week’s gain. I’m going to try and be really good today and before we go away tomorrow, and since it was my sister in law that introduced me to Slimming World I shouldn’t do too badly when we’re with them…..that’s the theory anyway! I sure hope it works and I come back from Scotland with a loss!