A couple of commenters have said that they’re a bit envious of my faith….to me that’s something new. I’ve always been someone envious of the faith of others. I’ve felt God working in me before but on Sunday it was just such a clear feeling of His support that it was amazing.

My faith definitely has up and down times, times when I feel really close to God and that He’s with me and supporting me so much and times when I really question everything. I was completely on a down time a few weeks ago, but when I talk to God and try to accept His help and encouragement it makes such a difference to everything. Going to a church where I feel comfortable and part of a family really helps me, I’m not someone who could be like a hermit and live in isolation with my faith. I need to be able to talk to others and receive teaching from ‘elders’ (or in my case usually the vicar!). Something that really helps me to feel close to God is to try and spend time with him each day (not easy with the munchkin, but I try as often as possible), something else is for me to go to church whenever we can. When we’ve been busy and not made it for a few weeks it definitely makes a difference to how I feel. You may have noticed from my other posts that I’m not the most articulate of people, but I’m trying…. That’s a brief bit about my faith, if you want to ask me anything about it, do and I’ll try to answer another time.

If you are interested in finding out more about God (and Christianity generally) I really can recommend looking at the Alpha course. It’s an introduction to the Christian faith that gives you the opportunity to ask questions and discuss ideas with others. There are no expectations on you to join the church (or there shouldn’t be), it’s just an opportunity to find out more. I went on it a few years ago when I was having a lot of questions and it really have me the chance to think about what I believed and what others believed too.