That seems to have been what my life has been living by. If anything has been able to go wrong it has done.

It’s been such a frustrating week, and I can’t even work out what started it all off.

I think it may have been my mobile deciding that it wasn’t going to tell me when it was running out of battery and just dying and then deciding that actually ringing when someone called me was optional! Mr H and I spent a little time discussing what sort of phone to get me. I wanted a smartphone so I didn’t have to carry a diary/address book around with me as well as a phone. H agreed to that and then suggested I get one with a Palm operating system as we already have palm software (he’s had Palm OS PDAs for as long as I’ve known him). That left us with a Treo,unless we bought second hand from eBay with not much idea of the actual condition of the phone we were left with the 650 model from Palm’s partner that sells refurbished models. Those phone are so expensive……it’s costing us £137.50 (plus needing to buy an SD card for extra memory for books/music on there). As soon as we decided that’s what we were going to get the supplier sold out! I’ve spent the last couple of days refreshing the stock list on the web and as soon as one came in yesterday we ordered it. Hopefully it’ll arrive early next week and the crapness that is my current phone can go in the bin.

I’ve had a crap week with the diet this week, at weigh in on Wednesday (delayed because of the bank holiday) I’d put on a pound and I’m not really surprised, I half expected it to be more, I’ve eaten so badly this week. When I’m finding life hard I find myself relying on food to lift my mood and with Mr H being the skinny runt he is there’s always junk food around and I found myself snacking away again. I was better yesterday, and am erally trying hard today to get back on track.

Another nightmare has been trying to work out whether we want a new laptop, whether cheap one from Aldi was good enough for us (the advert for that prompted all the discussions) and whether we could afford it. We decided that yes we wanted one, yes the Aldi one was just about good enough and yes we could afford it. So we trooped off to Aldi yesterday, I walked in the door 5 minutes after it opened and promptly heard the manager saying to the people in the queue (8ish people) that he’d just sold the last one! There can have been no more than 7/8 laptops for the whole store! When we pulled into the car park it was just after 9 and there were 3 people just getting into cars with laptops and I saw another couple leaving the store with them. I walked back out of the store (the laptop was all we wanted) to see Mr H just leaving to go on to work. The plan had been that he’d drop me off and I’d get the bus home again complete with laptop and munchkin, but I did hope that when I came out so promptly he’d still be there and would take me home and then work from the local site for the morning….too late. I had to wait 45 minutes for the bus and head home empty handed on my own.

I was so close to crying, it’s not taken much to set me off all week (I split the munchkin’s bedtime milk on Wednesday and had to get Mr H to clean it up as I couldn’t deal with it). It’s almost as bad as I was this time last year when I was put on ADs by the doctor, I’m going to try and sort my mood out with a decent diet and more exercise and see if that helps first before going back to the GP. I’m also hoping that going away to stay in Scotland with Mr H’s sister and husband will help too. We’re setting off on Thursday, Mum’s paid for us to stop over near Birmingham so we don’t have to do 500+ miles in a day (she’s a star!), should be there by Friday tea-time. We’re there until the following Friday and then calling at Mum and Dad’s on the way home to see them and my old school friends. Hopefully I’ll get some rest, Mr H has said that he’ll try and make sure I do. If I’m not feeling better once we’re home again I think I need to see the doctor and see what he suggests.

I’ve been very lax on commenting this week…I haven’t even read most blogs I usually do, hopefully next week I’ll be a bit better. Shout at me if you think I should ahve come by and said hi!