…no sooner do I wean myself off my addiction to the gorgeousness that is Terry’s Chocolate Orange (thanks to the diet) than I find myself addicted to something else.

Astonishingly for me it’s not food related….shock horror….it’s the wonder that is Facebook.

I logged onto there a couple of months ago having seen an article about it on the BBC News site and found a couple of friends also had profiles there. As time has gone on more and more of my friends are finding the site and it’s been so good to be back in touch with people I’ve barely seen since I left school (ok, so that’s only 8 years, but still….). I’ve been chatting to one of my best friends from sixth form (ok, so I also fancied him rotten all through that time…….not quite sure now what I saw in him, though he’s still lovely, I don’t find him good looking now……s’alright Mr H you have nothing to worry about!).

We’re going to try and arrange a night out in the pub we spent rather a lot of weekends in for the spring bank holiday weekend as all the teachers amoungst our group should be free to go back to sunny Bradford and I’m able to get Mr H to drop me and the munchkin there on our way home from staying with the sister-in-law in Scotland the week before. It’ll be great to try and get everyone back together again, I’ve so many great memories from the pub and our sixth form days, it’d be great to get the whole gang back together again.

Thanks to Facebook I’m also in touch more with my lovely cousin who’s just about to do her finals, we’d chat on MSN very occasionally, but now we chat once a week or so.

I’m finding myself on there several times a day checking out who has updated what and what people are doing. It’s great….but I’m getting so addicted to it….hopefully our week away later this month will help this one!