I don’t think I did too badly….while I still didn’t comment as much as I hoped I would I definitely did comment much more than before. I’m still finding it hard to decide what to say, especially if someone else has said the same, but I’m trying to bite the bullet and just say something. I just need to keep it up now.

I’m still having problems with my wrist today, I couldn’t stay at toddler group with the mucnhkin this morning, we had to leave 20 minutes early as it was just aching too much. I just hope the doctor on Friday is helpful….whenever I’ve seen him before he’s been ok, so we’ll see. I’ve just got to keep on top of as much as I can in the house, I don’t want to have to make Mr H do lots when he gets in from work, though he has said he doesn’t mind sorting the washing in an evening…it helps him unwind before bed (!?!?!?). I shan’t complain, but I will try and get it done if I can, it’s one of the jobs that was a problem yesterday.