…having been very relieved last week when my wrist seemed to have sorted itself out it seems I was a bit premature….

Both of my wrists gradually got more and more uncomfortable yesterday. i thought it’d all ease off again, but as today has gone on it’s got worse and worse. I couldn’t even use my right hand to push the pushchair down to the doctors earlier on. Whenever I needed to use my right hand to help steer I got shooting pains up my forearm. Frustratingly the only appointment available for the rest of the week is 5pm on Friday, so I’m just going to have to cope until then.

I’ve taken ibuprofen (made absolutely no difference…..unless the pain was going to get dramatically worse as it’s gradually worsened since I took it) and put the splint I was given at the walk in centre last week back on. Grrrr again!

I had a text from my sister this morning saying that her lastest scan had gone well and that baby was fine and due on 14 November…..I’d not realised until then that almost to the day that our baby died she can conceiving her baby. I’ve not cried about our baby for a few weeks, but that really set me off. The munchkin was lovely and just let me cuddle and hug her without wriggling to go and play. She definitely knew something was wrong (the tears dripping from my cheeks may have been a give away…). I’m so, so happy for them, but the timing for me is just horrible, I just hope baby doesn’t come 4 weeks early….

Some good news to finish off with today….another 2 1/2lb loss last night puts me 5lb down after 2 weeks on the diet. I’m quite chuffed with that, some of my trousers are already starting to fall off me…I hope I can stick at it this time, I’ve not been too good at that in the past. I did get down to 10 stone 7 a couple of years ago, but as soon as I stopped weighing and counting everything I put most of it back on again. With this diet there not so much weighing, it’s more about me changing how I eat things so I’m fairly hopeful, and even if we decide to try for a baby again and I fall pregnant then, as long as my midwife agrees, I can carry on with it and work at not putting too much weight on.

I’m going to stop there…it’s taken me the best part of an hour to type this as I keep having to stop as my wrist begins to ache again. Hopefully back tomorrow….wrist dependant! Bye!