I’m typing this whilst being watched by an eagle eyed pigeon….

I was sitting in the dining room at the computer earlier when a loud fluttering caught my attention. I looked down to see a young pigeon sitting at my feet. It showed no inclination to go back out through the open patio doors so after taking advice from Dad I tried to gently pick it up and take it outside. No chance. As soon as I got anywhere near it it flew up onto the coat hooks, I thought it had impaled it’s wing on one, but thankfully the hook that looked like it was impaling it was just poking through some feathers. Mr H returned back from a bike ride and tried to get the pigeon off the hooks, it promptly flew to the top of the fridge and that’s where it is sitting now, 90 minutes on.

I’ve called the RSPCA, but as the bird is uninjured they have said to open all doors and windows and call back if the pigeon is still here at 9pm (it’s now 7pm, and I spoke to them at 5:45). I somehow think that they will be getting a call back, the bird is showing no signs of moving and is just hiding in the top corner of the fridge next to the cupboard. Mr H is keeping the munchkin entertained in the garden, as far away from the patio door as possible, while I try and keep an unobtrusive eye on the pigeon…

Poor little thing, it’s only a baby, it’s still got downy feathers on it’s tummy. I hope it manages to get itself out….there’ll be fun and games here later if not…

I’ll be back later on (today or tomorrow) with an update and possibly a photo or two…


9am Monday

The pigeon made a move to the kitchen window of it’s own accord at about 8 last night, it didn’t get very far though. It couldn’t see where the open part of the window was so panicked and settled on the top of the cupboard. He seemed settled in for the night so at 8:45 we called the RSPCA again to be met by a different set of advice….none of which encouraged the pigeon to move…it didn’t want food, it wouldn’t go towards the light and it wasn’t on the floor so we couldn’t get a box over it.

Mr H decided to try and trap the pigeon in a saucepan, so we got out the largets one we have. As soon as he got anywhere near the pigeon it flew off and tried to land on the top of the living room door frame. It couldn’t manage it and fell to the floor just to the side of the door. From there it was fairly easy to guide to through the living room door, however we didn’t manage to turn the living room light off soon enough (to guide the bird towards the patio door where the light was on) and the poor bird went to the window that wasn’t open rather than the open patio door. Again the little thing tried to land on the curtain rail but had no space to balance and fell to the floor.

We had to do a bit of furniture re-arranging to get to the pigeon now as it was hidden behind the air con unit, a few of the munchkin’s toys and right next to the TV unit. Once we’d moved everything we could see it crouching in the corner on a pile of Mr H’s audio cables. I tried encouraging him to move by gently nudging it with a magazine but that didn’t work. I think he was getting tired. In the end I managed to slide the magazine underneath the pigeon (but on top of the cables) so that he was sitting on the magazine. He didn’t move or panic at all as I carefully carried him outside and placed the magazine on the floor. I left him and closed the door behind me. He sat very still for 10 minutes. We could see him breathing but he wasn’t going anywhere, I was so worried the stress of it all was going to kill him. We went back through to the kitchen to see what sort of mess he’d left us and when we checked back he’d gone. I hope he’ll be ok.

He left us a lot of little presents on top of the fridge along with one on the dining room carpet (I’d seen that one fall as he flew from the cupboard). We also found another one when we went to collect the magazine from outside once he’d gone….I guess that’s what he thinks of Slimming World!

This is the only picture that’s come out ok of the pigeon, I didn’t want to use the flash as I didn’t want to scare him.
Unexpected guest

So much for our planned nice, restful end to the weekend… We were going to get the munchkin to bed and then cook a nice dinner and relax in front of the repeat of Doctor Who… We grabbed a quick sandwich in the times when we weren’t watching the pigeon (and when we could get to the various parts of the kitchen that we needed) and missed Doctor Who completely. We always miss it on a Saturday as it’s at the time we’re trying to get the munchkin to bed. I haven’t checked yet, but I hope it’s repeated again on BBC3 at some point as it’s the second part of a two parter….