Well, after my mini mission on Wednesday I blitzed the kitchen yesterday….I don’t think it’s looked as good since we moved in! The challenge now is to keep it that way, we’re a right pair for dumping things (paperwork, toys, shopping etc.) on the surfaces, especially the breakfast bar, and forgetting to sort them later. I now have a small box on the dining room table that paperwork will go in until it is filed and that’s it. I really want us to get on top of the cleaning in this house and we won’t do that until we can be organised.

The quorn chilli was a success on Wednesday, it was the first time Mr H had tried quorn mince and as a carnivore through and through he was a bit wary of it. I think the fact I’d inadvertantly put too much chilli powder in for my taste helped somewhat! (he has an asbestos mouth) I had to have rather a lot of low fat natural yogurt just to be able to eat it. I kept tasting the chilli as I was making it but couldn’t taste any heat in it, but by the time we came to eat it the heat was definitely there.

Cooking from scratch has gone well so far, though tonight’s tea is reheated chilli, it’s better than a ready meal. I’m glad we have some of the chilli left over….there’s nothing in the house to cook for dinner, we seriously need to do some shopping tomorrow. We’ve had an e-voucher come through for Tesco that gives us £15 off if we spend £50 which isn’t difficult with nappies to buy so we’ll get all the branded stuff we want from there and shop in Aldi for the fresh stuff tomorrow morning. I love the food in Aldi, most of it is at least as good as the stuff in Sainsburys, but it’s a lot cheaper. Their fresh food is also a lot fresher than the food in Tesco or Asda (I’ve seen mouldy fruit and veg in our local store so often).

Well, that’s all for now, going to sort out our lunches and then have a second attempt at gettng the mucnhkin to nap….she was having none of it earlier! Bye!