So far I’m finding the new diet really easy to understand. I’ve already worked out that Green days are much easier for me than original ones, I’d far rather eat carbs than meat! I couldn’t cope with the lack of potatoes, pasta etc with the original day Itried. The idea of being able to eat as much lean meat/fish as I wanted to was nice, but I just couldn’t do it, a meal without carbs was not great. I could add some in as healthy extras or count the syns but that then limited my breakfast choices….

I have managed to teach myself to eat Weetabix, and vaguely like it. That’s quite an achievement for me, I’ve spent years saying I hate it and not touching it, but I needed an easy breakfast yesterday so I grabbed a couple, put them in a bowl with a little milk, a couple of spoons of natural yogurt, a chopped banana and a sprinkling of sweetener and it was yummy! We had it in the cupboard for the munchkin (not that she’s much of a fan of it either), but we’ve run out now, I’m going to have to head to Lidl this afternoon and buy some more.

The onyl problem at the moment is the time at which Mr H is getting home from work. It’s been around 6:30 for the past week, which is just before we put the munchkin to bed. That leaves us not thinking about our own dinner until almost 7:30, by which point we’re too tired to cook properly and end up with Mr H having soup and me having a pasta ‘n’ sauce (free food if I make it without milk, though I usually have some of my milk allowance left). I’m so desperate to eat proper food, that’s part of the reason I decided to start doing Slimming World rather than Weight Watchers again. With WW I always end up on the points plan as I’m not very good at knowing when I’m full, and on the points plan I always seem to end up eating crap. On SW there’s so much free food and the healthy extras that I can eat when I want to and I don’t get so hungry, I’m trying to completely re-educate myself about food and for me that also means cooking decent food from scratch as often as I can.

It’s been hard to plan what to cook when I don’t know when Mr H is coming home as we can’t put food in the oven on a timer (we have a gas cooker) and the half hour when we put the munchkin to bed is time I can’t be in the kitchen. I think I’m going to have to start prepping all the ingredients after the munchkin’s tea, before we put her to bed, so that I can (and have to!) cook them once she’s in bed. Tonight shouldn’t be too bad as I have some Quorn mince to use so I’m going to make chilli this afternoon then I can just re-heat it when I cook the rice once the munchkin is on bed….

I think I’m going to sit down this afternoon and plan out what foods I have in to cook for the rets of this week and work out how best to go about it. Mr H has been very tired when he’s come in this week so I need to plan things I can do without any help from him….let’s hope I can stick to it when I do it!

Right…there’s a plan then….cook pasta for a salad for me for lunch, do some ready for the munchkin’s tea too (I can do a pasta bake for her), plan meals, cook up the chilli (minus kidney beans as Mr H won’t eat them), clean the hob (because it’s in dire need of it!) and then see where that all takes me to…wish me luck! Bye!