They were back at the doctors yesterday. Blood tests shown more and enlarged red blood cells and raised cholesterol (5.9, I don’t know what it’s supposed to be though), the main problem is the high blood pressure, and he’s been given tablets  for that. One of the liver function counts was up too. Mum said that everything implied it was drink related, but that there was little the doctors could do until Dad acknowledges he has a problem with his memory and asks for help. He’s started making a lot more notes but isn’t stopping and saying he needs help/support. Mum said that she thinks he is drinking less and smoking less but showing no inclination to stop either….. She thinks that it may be up to 3 years of his memory gone, he was talking about still doing activities he stopped over 2 years ago on the phone to Liz last night.

It’s so hard for Mum, she just doesn’t know what she can do, if anything, to help Dad at the moment. She doesn’t want to nag him, but she’s worried about the bills as he normally deals with them but she doesn’t know which have and haven’t been paid. She’s going to look into getting them all paid by direct debit so it’s one less thing to worry about. She found another bill as I was on the phone to her earlier and she decided she needed to phone the companies up to find out what has and hasn’t been paid. She’s trying to be strong and positive, but is talking about us needing to help her get broadband and a wireless netowrk at home so she doesn’t have to go out to the library to use the internet. I just hope that we (family, doctors etc.) can work out something soon for her sake too.