Well, the munchkin’s temperature went down overnight on Thursday, so I can only assume it was her teeth, there were no other symptoms of a virus or infection. She’s  as perky as ever again now. She’s had a good weekend, banged her head on Saturday by flinging herself out of Mr H’s arms as he tried to put her back into her pushchair when we were shopping on Saturday, clonked it rather hard on a metal shelf, but apart from something of an egg on the back of her head she was ok.

I’ve had an interestng weekend….I was crawling around after the munchkin on Friday night was we were heading up to bed when I got a sudden pain in my wrist. I then spent the whole weekend getting evil twinges of pain when ever I took any weight through my right hand or twisted it at all (doing my bra was an interesting exercise…..Mr H had to help!). It has happened in the past so on Saturday we just put a tubigrip on it to give it some support and Mr H tried to do everything that set the pain off. When it was still bad on Sunday we went to the local NHS walk in centre. Waited only about 30 minutes before seeing a nurse and being given a splint to wear and being told to see my GP if I still had problems on Wednesday. She thinks it is tendonitis. I had a lot of problems with tendonitis back in 2003. It started just after my finals in June and even during our wedding reception I had the hotel staff looking after a splint behind the reception desk should I need it. Eventually in the autumn I saw a physiotherapist who used acupunture which after 5/6 treatments sorted it out and left me pain free.

Thankfully I’ve woken up this morning in a lot less pain, though I’m still getting little twinges if I put too much weight through my wrist. We’ve put the splint back on for today, but hopefully tomorrow I won’t need it (if anyone more medically minded than me reads this and thinks we’re doing the wrong thing please let me know).

Typing is getting wuite uncomfortable so I’m just going to update you on Dad quickly. I spoke to Mum earlier this morning, he’s realising that something is wrong with his memory now, he’s started adding a lot more to his diary and is writing a lot of notes in his meetings to help him keep up. They’re back at the doctors this afternoon and hopefully they’ll get some of the blood results back.