I ended up ringing NHSDirect yesterday afternoon. The munchkin woke from her nap with a temperature of 39.3C (103F), nurofen failed to dent it at all and she was so lethargic. They weren’t too concerned as I’d done all the right things (stripping her off, making her drink water, cooling the room down etc) but I couldn’t see any reason for it, she was just hot and clingy (she’s definitely not a clingy toddler usually), she couldn’t be out of my arms for more than 5 minutes. Thankfully some paracetamol brought the temperature down to nearer normal, but it wasn’t until a couple of hours later that the munchkin began to chew on everything in sight (a sure sign she’s teething). I wish she’d let me check her teeth as then I wouldn’t be so worried about her. She’s still a bit grumpy and clingy today but she’s not got such a temperature. She’s just gone up for a nap, so hopefully she’ll sleep well and perk up a little.

I need to get my bottom in gear today and do some serious tidying in the house, it’s gradually getting messier and messier and even I’m starting to get fed up of it! That’s definitely saying something. I hate living in a mess but I find it so hard to keep everywhere tidy. I need to mow the lawn as well (if I can work out how to use the mower….). Hopefully while the munchkin sleeps now I can make a good go at it. I’ll hopefully update later. Bye!


Update – 12:15pm

Well, I’ve mowed the lawn, swept the patio and treated the dandelions so not a bad start. Going to prepare lunch for me and the munchkin and then do some tidying unless she wakes, in which case we’ll eat.