When Mum told Dad that the doctor was going to come round Dad sid that there was no need for that and that he’d go in to the surgery. His pulse was very high (Mum couldn’t remember what it was) and his blood pressure was 190 something over 124. Mum said the doctor was very good about being patient and calm with Dad and not pushing him at all. He’s taken lots of bloods to test liver and kidney function (and almost everything else) and Dad and Mum will go back next week for more tests and the blood results. Mum said she had to correct Dad on how much he drinks and smokes when theye were with the doctor, but Dad coped ok with that too (he does try and hide how much of each he does) I’m feeling much more relaxed now that I know Dad is getting help, though I’m still worried about him.

On another note, I decided to join a Slimming World class last night. I know that with Dad being poorly I’ve got a lot on my mind but it’s something I need to do for me. I didn’t weigh in as high as I thought I would, but I would like to lose at least 2 1/2 stone. The fun now begins with trying to work out what to eat…..I’m having a green day today, and the only breakfast I have in the house that fits in is weetabix which I loathe…..I need to try banana or strawberries on it tomorrow (I don’t want to get into adding sweeteners to cereal). I think I need to buy some ryvitas…. Slimming World is something D has recommended to me, it’s been working well for her, and since she’s following it when we go and stay with her it’ll be easy to stay on track.

I’ve already had to up my exercise just to get to the class….the only group I can guarentee Mr H being home in time to look after the munchkin is a 3 mile bike ride away. That was a bit of a challenge last night, I haven’t been on my bike for 6 months! I managed it ok, though I did have to stop and have a drink of water halfway there and again half way back. That exercise combined with walking to Sainsburys (another 2 1/2 miles) to meet Mr H and get the shopping done definitely helped me sleep last night. I’m going to walk to Lidl later on to get either strawberries or melon (a nice free treat on SW), that’ll be another 30+ minutes of walking so hopefully I’ll sleep well again tonight. I never realised what a difference exercise would make to my sleep. It’s fab! I’m trying to do at least 30 minutes of walking a day now (though I’m not good at going for a walk just for the sake of it….I need a mission!).