Well it was a weekend of contrasts.

We headed over to Bristol on Friday for the wedding of Mr H’s brother J and his fiance S. I spent much of my time looking after the munchkin, but we had a lovely time none the less. S looked gorgeous in a really simple cream chiffon/crepe dress with a pattern of sequins, J was his usual laid back self in a cord suit and open neck shirt. It was a very different, relaxed event, beginning with tea and cakes in the church before S’s arrival. We then stayed at the church for ther reception, there was a buffet in one of the meeting rooms, a sort of chill out room with silken fabrics hanging from ther ceiling and walls (described as the bedouin tent room) and then a band playing the the choir/chancel area of the church. It was so different to any other wedding I’ve been to, but so J and S. They arranged for a freidn to bring a laptop and towards the end of the evening people were invited to load any digital photos they’d taken onto it and they were projected onto a screen above the people dancing.

Sadly S spent much of yesterday being sick having picked up a tummy bug, she couldn’t bear to stay around for the family lunch her parents had organised (she couldn’t face even seeing people eating) so they headed off on honeymoon promptly leaving Mr H and I with her family (Mr H’s sister, D, had already had to leave to get her flight back to Scotland). It was a little awkward remaining with S’s family for the lunch as we don’t know them at all, but the munchkin really helped break the ice. She was amazing all weekend, being a real little character and showing everyone what a good nature she has. Sadly her sleep went out of the window with everything going on so we’ll have a real fight to get her back in her routine this week but we’ll get there.

The down of the weekend was a phone call from Mum as we were heading home on the M4. Dad had some kind of problem last Wednesday and has lost his short term memory and is getting quite bewildered. He’s refusing to see a doctor at all, Mum has arranged for the doctor to call round and try and talk to him about now, I’m just waiting for a phone call to tell me how it went. From what Mum has worked out from talking to Doctors last week and over the weekend it looks like Dad has had a small stroke, we’ll only know for sure if we can get him to talk to someone. Mum didn’t tell me until yesterday as she didn’t want to spoil the weekend for us, though the rest of the journey home was hard.

I rang D (she has her final GP exams next month) to talk about it, and though it’s not her specialith it was helpful to talk to someone with more of an idea then me. She basically agreed with what Mum had been told but also said that it could be a warning sign of a bigger stroke to come. I really want Dad to see someone and get help or at least a proper diagnosis. I know his lifestyle (lots of beer and cigarettes) puts him at risk of things like this, but it’s still hard to think that’s it’s happening now.

I was thinking yesterday that I’m only 26 and here’s Dad being ill and possibly having a stroke and things like that shouldn’t happen yet, and then I remembered that Mr H was only 18 when his Mum died of cancer. I felt so bad for thinking like that, but Mr H was so understanding. He’s been fantastic just being someone for me to talk at (I do mean that rather than to….he has no answers like me, but is happy to listen) and discuss things with.

I nearly didn’t post this, it looks like everything’s happening and going wrong at once at the moment, but I needed to try and get my thoughts out somewhere. If you’re a praying type please pray for Dad that he will talk to the doctors and find out what’s wrong, and that they can help him or at least be able to explain things and try and prevent things getting even worse. I hope you all had a better weekend/end of the Easter holidays.