It seems like ages since I last posted on here, had so much going on. I haven’t even managed to read any other blogs so my commenting challenge is a bit of a non starter so far…

Had a great weekend back at my parents, lovely dinner out on Saturday evening with the girls (and some of our other halves). The Sunday was my birthday, Mr H stayed home from church and had a quiet morning on his own before we went for a pub lunch with my parents prior to driving back home.

Mum came back down with us and gave me a couple of much needed lie-ins (i.e. as soon as the munchkin woke up in the morning she took her downstairs as once she (Mum) was awake anyway she wasn’t going to get back to sleep). Mum left again on Wednesday and I have a day and a half of relative peace before the long weekend.

Mr H’s company gives all it’s employees Good Friday as a bank holiday so we had a 4 day weekend all together. We’ve managed to make a start on sorting the garden, though the discovery of several large ants nests in various places was a pain and means the munchkin and I can’t go out there at the moment due to all the ant powder around. I’m allergic to ant bites so need to be very careful around them, my legs are covered in scars from previous years bites.

We did manage to have a little bit of time out and about though for some reason my fatigue has come back again this week and I’ve struggled to do much. Frustratingly when I struggle most with the fatigue I then start to have problems sleeping and end up in a vicious circle that only time gets me out of. I had a bad night last night (very little sleep until 3am, then woken by Mr H’s alarm at 7), but had to get out and go to collect a library look I’d reserved from the local library (a bit over a mile away). It did feel good going out, but I was very tired when I got back. I did manage to do all the washing today though which is often something Mr H has to do when he gets in from work. I’m not feeling too bad now, though as soon as I post this I’m going to have a herbal tea and a lavendar bath and hope they put me to sleep, maybe getting out and about more would help….must try it!

Going to go now actually as I can tell I’m starting to ramble….if you’re got this far through this you deserve a medal. Hope ou all had a good Easter. Bye!