April 2007

I’m typing this whilst being watched by an eagle eyed pigeon….

I was sitting in the dining room at the computer earlier when a loud fluttering caught my attention. I looked down to see a young pigeon sitting at my feet. It showed no inclination to go back out through the open patio doors so after taking advice from Dad I tried to gently pick it up and take it outside. No chance. As soon as I got anywhere near it it flew up onto the coat hooks, I thought it had impaled it’s wing on one, but thankfully the hook that looked like it was impaling it was just poking through some feathers. Mr H returned back from a bike ride and tried to get the pigeon off the hooks, it promptly flew to the top of the fridge and that’s where it is sitting now, 90 minutes on.

I’ve called the RSPCA, but as the bird is uninjured they have said to open all doors and windows and call back if the pigeon is still here at 9pm (it’s now 7pm, and I spoke to them at 5:45). I somehow think that they will be getting a call back, the bird is showing no signs of moving and is just hiding in the top corner of the fridge next to the cupboard. Mr H is keeping the munchkin entertained in the garden, as far away from the patio door as possible, while I try and keep an unobtrusive eye on the pigeon…

Poor little thing, it’s only a baby, it’s still got downy feathers on it’s tummy. I hope it manages to get itself out….there’ll be fun and games here later if not…

I’ll be back later on (today or tomorrow) with an update and possibly a photo or two…


9am Monday

The pigeon made a move to the kitchen window of it’s own accord at about 8 last night, it didn’t get very far though. It couldn’t see where the open part of the window was so panicked and settled on the top of the cupboard. He seemed settled in for the night so at 8:45 we called the RSPCA again to be met by a different set of advice….none of which encouraged the pigeon to move…it didn’t want food, it wouldn’t go towards the light and it wasn’t on the floor so we couldn’t get a box over it.

Mr H decided to try and trap the pigeon in a saucepan, so we got out the largets one we have. As soon as he got anywhere near the pigeon it flew off and tried to land on the top of the living room door frame. It couldn’t manage it and fell to the floor just to the side of the door. From there it was fairly easy to guide to through the living room door, however we didn’t manage to turn the living room light off soon enough (to guide the bird towards the patio door where the light was on) and the poor bird went to the window that wasn’t open rather than the open patio door. Again the little thing tried to land on the curtain rail but had no space to balance and fell to the floor.

We had to do a bit of furniture re-arranging to get to the pigeon now as it was hidden behind the air con unit, a few of the munchkin’s toys and right next to the TV unit. Once we’d moved everything we could see it crouching in the corner on a pile of Mr H’s audio cables. I tried encouraging him to move by gently nudging it with a magazine but that didn’t work. I think he was getting tired. In the end I managed to slide the magazine underneath the pigeon (but on top of the cables) so that he was sitting on the magazine. He didn’t move or panic at all as I carefully carried him outside and placed the magazine on the floor. I left him and closed the door behind me. He sat very still for 10 minutes. We could see him breathing but he wasn’t going anywhere, I was so worried the stress of it all was going to kill him. We went back through to the kitchen to see what sort of mess he’d left us and when we checked back he’d gone. I hope he’ll be ok.

He left us a lot of little presents on top of the fridge along with one on the dining room carpet (I’d seen that one fall as he flew from the cupboard). We also found another one when we went to collect the magazine from outside once he’d gone….I guess that’s what he thinks of Slimming World!

This is the only picture that’s come out ok of the pigeon, I didn’t want to use the flash as I didn’t want to scare him.
Unexpected guest

So much for our planned nice, restful end to the weekend… We were going to get the munchkin to bed and then cook a nice dinner and relax in front of the repeat of Doctor Who… We grabbed a quick sandwich in the times when we weren’t watching the pigeon (and when we could get to the various parts of the kitchen that we needed) and missed Doctor Who completely. We always miss it on a Saturday as it’s at the time we’re trying to get the munchkin to bed. I haven’t checked yet, but I hope it’s repeated again on BBC3 at some point as it’s the second part of a two parter….


Well, after my mini mission on Wednesday I blitzed the kitchen yesterday….I don’t think it’s looked as good since we moved in! The challenge now is to keep it that way, we’re a right pair for dumping things (paperwork, toys, shopping etc.) on the surfaces, especially the breakfast bar, and forgetting to sort them later. I now have a small box on the dining room table that paperwork will go in until it is filed and that’s it. I really want us to get on top of the cleaning in this house and we won’t do that until we can be organised.

The quorn chilli was a success on Wednesday, it was the first time Mr H had tried quorn mince and as a carnivore through and through he was a bit wary of it. I think the fact I’d inadvertantly put too much chilli powder in for my taste helped somewhat! (he has an asbestos mouth) I had to have rather a lot of low fat natural yogurt just to be able to eat it. I kept tasting the chilli as I was making it but couldn’t taste any heat in it, but by the time we came to eat it the heat was definitely there.

Cooking from scratch has gone well so far, though tonight’s tea is reheated chilli, it’s better than a ready meal. I’m glad we have some of the chilli left over….there’s nothing in the house to cook for dinner, we seriously need to do some shopping tomorrow. We’ve had an e-voucher come through for Tesco that gives us £15 off if we spend £50 which isn’t difficult with nappies to buy so we’ll get all the branded stuff we want from there and shop in Aldi for the fresh stuff tomorrow morning. I love the food in Aldi, most of it is at least as good as the stuff in Sainsburys, but it’s a lot cheaper. Their fresh food is also a lot fresher than the food in Tesco or Asda (I’ve seen mouldy fruit and veg in our local store so often).

Well, that’s all for now, going to sort out our lunches and then have a second attempt at gettng the mucnhkin to nap….she was having none of it earlier! Bye!

So far I’m finding the new diet really easy to understand. I’ve already worked out that Green days are much easier for me than original ones, I’d far rather eat carbs than meat! I couldn’t cope with the lack of potatoes, pasta etc with the original day Itried. The idea of being able to eat as much lean meat/fish as I wanted to was nice, but I just couldn’t do it, a meal without carbs was not great. I could add some in as healthy extras or count the syns but that then limited my breakfast choices….

I have managed to teach myself to eat Weetabix, and vaguely like it. That’s quite an achievement for me, I’ve spent years saying I hate it and not touching it, but I needed an easy breakfast yesterday so I grabbed a couple, put them in a bowl with a little milk, a couple of spoons of natural yogurt, a chopped banana and a sprinkling of sweetener and it was yummy! We had it in the cupboard for the munchkin (not that she’s much of a fan of it either), but we’ve run out now, I’m going to have to head to Lidl this afternoon and buy some more.

The onyl problem at the moment is the time at which Mr H is getting home from work. It’s been around 6:30 for the past week, which is just before we put the munchkin to bed. That leaves us not thinking about our own dinner until almost 7:30, by which point we’re too tired to cook properly and end up with Mr H having soup and me having a pasta ‘n’ sauce (free food if I make it without milk, though I usually have some of my milk allowance left). I’m so desperate to eat proper food, that’s part of the reason I decided to start doing Slimming World rather than Weight Watchers again. With WW I always end up on the points plan as I’m not very good at knowing when I’m full, and on the points plan I always seem to end up eating crap. On SW there’s so much free food and the healthy extras that I can eat when I want to and I don’t get so hungry, I’m trying to completely re-educate myself about food and for me that also means cooking decent food from scratch as often as I can.

It’s been hard to plan what to cook when I don’t know when Mr H is coming home as we can’t put food in the oven on a timer (we have a gas cooker) and the half hour when we put the munchkin to bed is time I can’t be in the kitchen. I think I’m going to have to start prepping all the ingredients after the munchkin’s tea, before we put her to bed, so that I can (and have to!) cook them once she’s in bed. Tonight shouldn’t be too bad as I have some Quorn mince to use so I’m going to make chilli this afternoon then I can just re-heat it when I cook the rice once the munchkin is on bed….

I think I’m going to sit down this afternoon and plan out what foods I have in to cook for the rets of this week and work out how best to go about it. Mr H has been very tired when he’s come in this week so I need to plan things I can do without any help from him….let’s hope I can stick to it when I do it!

Right…there’s a plan then….cook pasta for a salad for me for lunch, do some ready for the munchkin’s tea too (I can do a pasta bake for her), plan meals, cook up the chilli (minus kidney beans as Mr H won’t eat them), clean the hob (because it’s in dire need of it!) and then see where that all takes me to…wish me luck! Bye!

They were back at the doctors yesterday. Blood tests shown more and enlarged red blood cells and raised cholesterol (5.9, I don’t know what it’s supposed to be though), the main problem is the high blood pressure, and he’s been given tablets  for that. One of the liver function counts was up too. Mum said that everything implied it was drink related, but that there was little the doctors could do until Dad acknowledges he has a problem with his memory and asks for help. He’s started making a lot more notes but isn’t stopping and saying he needs help/support. Mum said that she thinks he is drinking less and smoking less but showing no inclination to stop either….. She thinks that it may be up to 3 years of his memory gone, he was talking about still doing activities he stopped over 2 years ago on the phone to Liz last night.

It’s so hard for Mum, she just doesn’t know what she can do, if anything, to help Dad at the moment. She doesn’t want to nag him, but she’s worried about the bills as he normally deals with them but she doesn’t know which have and haven’t been paid. She’s going to look into getting them all paid by direct debit so it’s one less thing to worry about. She found another bill as I was on the phone to her earlier and she decided she needed to phone the companies up to find out what has and hasn’t been paid. She’s trying to be strong and positive, but is talking about us needing to help her get broadband and a wireless netowrk at home so she doesn’t have to go out to the library to use the internet. I just hope that we (family, doctors etc.) can work out something soon for her sake too.

Well, the munchkin’s temperature went down overnight on Thursday, so I can only assume it was her teeth, there were no other symptoms of a virus or infection. She’s  as perky as ever again now. She’s had a good weekend, banged her head on Saturday by flinging herself out of Mr H’s arms as he tried to put her back into her pushchair when we were shopping on Saturday, clonked it rather hard on a metal shelf, but apart from something of an egg on the back of her head she was ok.

I’ve had an interestng weekend….I was crawling around after the munchkin on Friday night was we were heading up to bed when I got a sudden pain in my wrist. I then spent the whole weekend getting evil twinges of pain when ever I took any weight through my right hand or twisted it at all (doing my bra was an interesting exercise…..Mr H had to help!). It has happened in the past so on Saturday we just put a tubigrip on it to give it some support and Mr H tried to do everything that set the pain off. When it was still bad on Sunday we went to the local NHS walk in centre. Waited only about 30 minutes before seeing a nurse and being given a splint to wear and being told to see my GP if I still had problems on Wednesday. She thinks it is tendonitis. I had a lot of problems with tendonitis back in 2003. It started just after my finals in June and even during our wedding reception I had the hotel staff looking after a splint behind the reception desk should I need it. Eventually in the autumn I saw a physiotherapist who used acupunture which after 5/6 treatments sorted it out and left me pain free.

Thankfully I’ve woken up this morning in a lot less pain, though I’m still getting little twinges if I put too much weight through my wrist. We’ve put the splint back on for today, but hopefully tomorrow I won’t need it (if anyone more medically minded than me reads this and thinks we’re doing the wrong thing please let me know).

Typing is getting wuite uncomfortable so I’m just going to update you on Dad quickly. I spoke to Mum earlier this morning, he’s realising that something is wrong with his memory now, he’s started adding a lot more to his diary and is writing a lot of notes in his meetings to help him keep up. They’re back at the doctors this afternoon and hopefully they’ll get some of the blood results back.

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Will post more later when I’ve worked out who to type at more speed (will explain later too!).

I ended up ringing NHSDirect yesterday afternoon. The munchkin woke from her nap with a temperature of 39.3C (103F), nurofen failed to dent it at all and she was so lethargic. They weren’t too concerned as I’d done all the right things (stripping her off, making her drink water, cooling the room down etc) but I couldn’t see any reason for it, she was just hot and clingy (she’s definitely not a clingy toddler usually), she couldn’t be out of my arms for more than 5 minutes. Thankfully some paracetamol brought the temperature down to nearer normal, but it wasn’t until a couple of hours later that the munchkin began to chew on everything in sight (a sure sign she’s teething). I wish she’d let me check her teeth as then I wouldn’t be so worried about her. She’s still a bit grumpy and clingy today but she’s not got such a temperature. She’s just gone up for a nap, so hopefully she’ll sleep well and perk up a little.

I need to get my bottom in gear today and do some serious tidying in the house, it’s gradually getting messier and messier and even I’m starting to get fed up of it! That’s definitely saying something. I hate living in a mess but I find it so hard to keep everywhere tidy. I need to mow the lawn as well (if I can work out how to use the mower….). Hopefully while the munchkin sleeps now I can make a good go at it. I’ll hopefully update later. Bye!


Update – 12:15pm

Well, I’ve mowed the lawn, swept the patio and treated the dandelions so not a bad start. Going to prepare lunch for me and the munchkin and then do some tidying unless she wakes, in which case we’ll eat.

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