…I love getting comments from people (even when random hugs from people I don’t know have almost made me cry recently!)…but I’ve realised I really don’t comment much on other people’s blogs…so my challenge for April (I know it’s still March but we’re going away at the weekend and I’ve got lots to do) will be to comment on as many blogs I read as possible (if I can think of something suitable to say) whenever I trail through my blog roll…

My sister is sending me mad, having got really grumpy at me and refused to speak to me for a fortnight when I told her I was pregnant (in an evening when I knew she would have the support of her husband) she’s now calling me every few days asking what would help morning sickness (am I really evil for being pleased that she was sick more yesterday than I ever was with the munchkin? I was only ever nauseous most days and sick twice in 9 months), can she borrow my bump belt now I need it no longer?

I’m still bleeding internittently and the last thing I want is to hear about her pregnancy. I’m fine with my pregnant friends round here, they’re all being wonderful and sensitive, but my sister just doesn’t seem to think? I’ve been tempted to call her and say just leave me alone for a bit, but I can’t think of a nice way to say it. Mr H has offered to have a word with her, but that doesn’t seem right either…..argh!

On another subject we managed to get the sick smell out of the munchkin’s carpet by liberally sprinkling it with bicarbonate of soda…thanks Mum for the old fashioned idea. She suggested that before I saw the lavender comments so I tried it first. I’ll try lavender next time around