(though I suppose that if I didn’t have any I wouldn’t be in the state I’m now in…..any happy about)

 It’s just that I’m spending so much time trying to dodge flying bouts of morning (read all day!) sickness that so far haven’t actually made me be sick, but made me so close and trying to snatch any rest I can as I’m so tired it’s untrue. I don’t remember feeling this rough last time. I was coping fine with teaching full time when pregnant with the munchkin, but now I can barely hang the washing out to dry with out wanting to spend the next hour lying down. Roll on 12/14 weeks when hopefully this will ease a bit.

I haven’t heard from my sister still, I really miss our chats, but she just doesn’t want to speak to me at the moment. I had a brief text to say that she and her husband had landed in Paris for their weekend away but nothing else. I hope she can come to terms with all this soon.