…and it was horrible. She’s devastated. She half expected it after talking to Mum on Sunday and getting the feeling that Mum was hiding something from her. I came off the phone in tears, she was so unhappy.

I just want my little sister to be happy, and there’s nothing any of us can do to help her. We can’t change our plans or put our lives on hold, we can’t wave a magic wand – ta-da – one baby, there’s absolutely nothing we can do. All the other girls on Mum’s side of the family seem to fall pregnant really easily, Mum fell with me and my sister within the first couple of months of trying, I discovered at the weekend that only one of my Mum’s siblings was actually planned (she’s one of 5!), my aunt fell pregnant on the pill, my cousin (a little younger than my sister) is expecting her third any day, all the others are no where near thinking of babies yet. When we can produce babies almost when we want to my sister is finding it so hard.

I just wish there was something, anything I could do for her.