That’s how I’ve been feeling over the past few days.

Once we’d finally managed to defrost the pipes and be sure that there was no damage from it that was Wednesday out of the way, a busy day with so much to think about as well as giving the munchkin lots of cuddles to try and make her feel better.

Thursday brought a lovely covering of snow. We woke to 2 inches or so which stayed all day, after an interesting walk to the shops with the pushchair I let the munchkin have a little wander in the snow, she loved it!

Snow baby

She’d have loved to stay out longer but it was too cold for her. The local kids were really good about not throwing snow balls anywhere near her.

Come Friday I was coming down with a cold (which has got progressively worse and has today settled in my throat), then realised that my period had not really arrived having been due on Wednesday, spotted briefly that evening and nothing more…..hmmmm…..

Saturday morning produced a slightly unexpected positive pregnancy test, it looks like baby #2 may be with us sooner than planned (hoping all goes well)…..we weren’t going to start trying until after Easter. Baby’s current due date is 8 days before Mr H’s birthday and 13 days before the munchkin’s! Now it’s sinking in I’m delighted, we’ve always wanted at least two children (though Mr H didn’t want another October baby). I’m dreading telling my sister however, she and her husband have been trying for a baby for a year now with only an ectopic pregnancy to show for it and here’s us pregnant without really trying having fallen first month of trying each time before. I spoke to her on Thursday and we were being girly and discussing when we were due and I mentioned that by period had seemed to start on Wednesday and now I’m going to have to say well actually….

She was due on Friday and by speaking to Mum over the weekend I’ve discovered that she was at least late and probably going to test today, whenever I tell her it’s going to put a downer on her, either if she’s pregnant then she has to do it all with me (I think she’d much rather have a couple of months of attention without me taking any) or she’s not again and has to deal with the fact that I am….argh! We’re going to leave telling her until the weekend if possible, Mum and Dad know (I can’t hide anything from Mum) and are under strict instructions not to tell, I’m hoping that my sister doesn’t ask Mum anything outright as Mum can’t hide anything from either of us at all…..

Saturday’s news has also meant that my only means of attacking this cold have been paracetamol and hot honey and lemon (I hate not being able to take Day/Night Nurse), I’m wanting to spend today in bed, but Mr H is busy in meetings at work all day so can’t be home to look after the munchkin. I’m hoping to nap when she does……talking of which……bye!