Mr H and I have just watched the first in the new series of Top Gear. Apart from both of us getting annoyed with Jeremy Clarkson (an ‘arse’ according to Mr H and an ‘arrogant sod’ in my opinion after his behaviour in the road works section of the show) it was really interesting….now I’m quite a girly girl so it’s not something I’d be expected to say but watching the Hamsters crash was definitely interesting. I’m amazed that 4 months on he’s basically back to normal, he’s got his driving license back and is being his usual self (though I think a little less cocky than he has sometimes appeared). I can’t see him being as much of a daredevil as he used to be, but I guess as we watch more of the series we’ll see. Some of the Hamster’s comments in the video before the crash were so ironic it was astonishing.

I never used to like the show, but as it’s one of Mr H’s favourites I made the effort to watch it and now really quite enjoy some of the videos (not Clarkson careering around the track in the fast cars) and the banter between the 3 presenters. We do like watching the races between Clarkson in a fast car andthe other two using various types of public transport to try and get somewhere, I wonder if they’ve done one for this series……

I suspect that tonights show will have possibly the highest ever audience for a Top Gear show, they very sneakily put the video of the Hamster’s accident on at the end so that everyone would have to watch it all first. I do know though that if it wasn’t for Mr H getting me vaguely interested in the show anyway I wouldn’t have watched it tonight.