I found this on this blog and I thought it could be interesting. The point is to find the signifigance each number has in your life. It’s been quite difficult to fill in actually.

1- the number of children I have
2- the number of years I taught before maternity leave
3- houses we’ve lived in since we were married
4- the number of the house I grew up in
5- the number of years I’ve known Mr H for
6- the number of packets of crisps I once ate in one day (it was a very bad day…..)
7- the number of babies that regularly come to the baby group I run (just done some new posters so hopefully that’ll go up)
8- the age in months the munchkin was when she started crawling
9- the number of hours sleep per night my body seems to need at the moment
10- the number of teeth the munchkin has at the moment
11- the day and the month my sister was born
12- months since I started blogging
13- the number of hours sleep the munchkin sometimes has at night (I know…..we’re sooo lucky)
14- the age I was when my periods started (on my birthday!)
15- when I passed my last violin exam (grade 6)
16- the age I was when I had my first kiss
17- when I decided the driving was not for me (nutty instructor definately had something to do with it)
18- when I took, and somehow passed, the A levels I needed to get into Cambridge
19- months in age between me and my sister
20- months I’d known Mr H before we married