Mr H and I attempted to get an early night last night, but ended up lying in bed discussing what to do about my loneliness. Thanks to being unable to drive and a dire lack of baby/toddler activities locally I’ve been seriously lonely since we moved down here. I survived initially by finding amy possible excuse to hop on the train back to Cambridge and meet up with my friends there, but now finances, and one of my best friends moving to deepest darkest Suffolk mean that it’s not really an option except for the occasional visit. The only social interaction I have with other adults is the Wednesday baby group, for the rest of the week my day-time conversations consist of confusing conversations (of sorts) with the munchkin.

(Warning…confused outpouring of thought coming!)

Our only solutions were me learning to drive so I could get to other groups (at an outlay in excess of £400 for lessons not really an option) and getting a part-time job somewhere. I don’t really want to go back to teaching, full-time teaching would leave me with no time for the munchkin and Mr H (thanks to planning and marking etc.), and part-time posts are hard to get hold of unless you already have your foot in the door. I had arranged a 60% timetable with my school in Cambridge had we stayed up there, but there’s no way of doing that down there.

So that leaves me with a career change….so what do I do?

I very nearly applied for a paediatric nursing degree rather than education (I only settled on education a month before my application to Cambridge had to be in) and in a way I regret that. With a degree in maths and education I can be a teacher or…..a teacher, I’m not qualified for anything else. I could work in primary schools, but I really struggled with teaching literacy on my placements and didn’t enjoy that at all. With mursing there are so many branches and areas I could have gone into….I’d still quite like to go back to university and re-train, but it’s not something I could do living here, I’d need to live nearer the hospital(s) I’d be placed in, the local hospital is not involved in training and being unable to drive means that I can’t commute anywhere else. It is something we could look at doing in the future, as we’d have to move house, but not at the moment.

What else is there? I have considered vetinary nursing or the police force. There is a vetinary practice locally that trains vetinary nurses and I may be able to get a post there, but could I do that part-time as I don’t really want to work full-time when the munchkin is small…. I’m definately not fit enough to join the police at the moment, 2 1/2 years ago I suffered from a post viral illness that left me with a lot of fatigue, I’m basically fine now, but when I get any form of bug I’m knocked out for a few days and it takes me a couple of weeks to get my strength up to even walk the 2 1/2 miles into town and back. I’m trying to get myself fitter, but at this time of year as soon as I start getting going again, I’m knocked back down with another cold, I guess I need to just keep working on that one. I’ve also thought about becoming a librarian, I love books and reading and would like to encourage others to read more, but there are no jobs coming up locally there.

I’m left with going for any type of admin work going, I have had the odd look at the local paper and job websites, but there’s been nothing part-time that I could get to (either by public transport, on foot or on Mr H’s route to work). I guess I just need to keep looking.

Anyone reading got any ideas for lines of work for me? 🙂