I started the year with good intentions for the diet and, thanks to PMT and a rotten cold, they’ve already gone a-stray. I’ve spent the weekend eating junk and more junk and lots of milk chocolate orange…..ooppss. I need to get myself back on track…I do want to lose some more weight before the munchkin’s baptism on the 21st. Stressing about our families coming up for that isn’t helping matters.

Having planned a nice dinner on at Saturday night for all those of our generation coming down (Mum and Dad are taking the grans out for dinner) Mr H’s siblings had other plans. Despite me texting to see if they’d be up for a murder mystery a week ago we only found out last night that G doesn’t fancy it so they all (D, G, J and S) decided they’d go to the pub instead! Thanks for telling me! Not to worry that I spent ages on Saturday wandering around Cambridge trying to find a shop that stocked the dinner party kits and then forked out for one, and that I’d been planning what to cook. My fantastic sister (I know I don’t say that about her very often!) has now offered to baby-sit for us so that Mr H and I can go out with his family since we don’t see them very often and the last time we were all together was over 2 years ago. I just wish that D&G had told us they didn’t fancy a murder mystery and then we’d just have had a young ones dinner. Don’t get me wrong it will be nice to go out with Mr H’s family, I just wish they’d talked to us.

I still need to work out what we’re doing for food after the baptism. Everyone is definately coming back here (hmmm…15 adults in our small house…) and we’re having some form of buffet, but apart from that I have no idea. We still haven’t finalise the cake….fruit or sponge? I don’t eat fruit cake, but a fruit cake will go further than a sponge cake….decisions!

Anyway, this post has taken about 1 1/2 hours to write in between cooking up veggies for the munchkin, feeding her and putting her down for a nap and it’s my turn to eat now. Bye!