Sorry about the negativity in the last post, I’d just had enough and was using my blog as a bit of a vent. Things are looking a bit better today. We’ve had a look at finances and worked out that we can absorb most of the cost of the repairs to the car relatively easily (phew!). We’ve also had a good think about meals and shopping, browsed Sainsbury’s online (internet shopping definately has it’s benefits!) and worked out where we can save money on our weekly shop. It’ll probably end up with us going to both Aldi and Sainsbury’s but they’re close to each other not too far away. It’s a shame they’re not in walking distance of us as that’d help the weight loss too. Mr H had to do some shopping after work yesterday (no fruit, veg or milk in the house!) and managed to spend far less than he normally does when he pops in mid-week.

The munchkin is being her usual charming self apart from throwing up all over me and her and the bath mat just as I was about to do her teeth last night (she’s been fine in herself ever since though!) and tearing up a book just after I repaired it from when she last got hold of it (I really need to lean how far she can reach now as I thought she couldn’t get it).

She found yesterday afternoon a little hard however, the leisure centre where we hold baby group was closed when we all got there (despite telling me that we could re-start after the Christmas break on the 3rd) so since I live so close I invited everyone round for a cuppa….oopps… When I said this there were only three of us with one more expected….2 minutes later another three drive up and there ends up being seven adults and nine children (7 babies/toddlers and the older 2 of one mum) in our living room! It all got a bit much for the little ones and some of them got very grumpy, but it was good to have some adult company in the daytime for a little bit.

Now I’ve got the gloomy job of getting the Christmas decorations down, I love having them up but need to get them down by twelth night, and we’re out on Saturday so I won’t be able to get Mr H to help then. I think I’ll have a hunt aound for a nice plant to put where the tree was so it’s not going to seem so empty when it’s gone.