We’re starting the new year with a huge bill from the garage for the bloomin’ car. That’s all our Christmas money gone and more. Mr H drove it to the garage, got a flat just as he was getting there and then got a phone call at work to say that the spring (?) and tyre would cost £300. We’re barely living within our means as it is, the only holidays we had planned for this year were cheap Travelodge deals or camping, but even they are looking hard to finance now, all our Christmas money was going to go towards them….argh! Mr H will have to bike to work a lot more to save on Petrol money and I’m going to have to look into budget dinners that are diet friendly (i.e. not the cheapest mince/cuts of meat…..Mr H is too much of a carnivore to go veggie and he won’t eat baked beans!)

Sorry for the whinge…not really how I want to start the year, at least the munchkin is making me grin (see below) even if she’s decided that since going up to see L&T sleeping through the night is a bad idea!