January 2007

…to everyone who’s come over from my old Blogger blog.  It looks rather different over here at the moment, but I’m sure I’ll be able to personalise it properly before too long 🙂


I’ve moved!

You can find me now at https://itsamumslife.wordpress.com

See you there!

Mr H and I have just watched the first in the new series of Top Gear. Apart from both of us getting annoyed with Jeremy Clarkson (an ‘arse’ according to Mr H and an ‘arrogant sod’ in my opinion after his behaviour in the road works section of the show) it was really interesting….now I’m quite a girly girl so it’s not something I’d be expected to say but watching the Hamsters crash was definitely interesting. I’m amazed that 4 months on he’s basically back to normal, he’s got his driving license back and is being his usual self (though I think a little less cocky than he has sometimes appeared). I can’t see him being as much of a daredevil as he used to be, but I guess as we watch more of the series we’ll see. Some of the Hamster’s comments in the video before the crash were so ironic it was astonishing.

I never used to like the show, but as it’s one of Mr H’s favourites I made the effort to watch it and now really quite enjoy some of the videos (not Clarkson careering around the track in the fast cars) and the banter between the 3 presenters. We do like watching the races between Clarkson in a fast car andthe other two using various types of public transport to try and get somewhere, I wonder if they’ve done one for this series……

I suspect that tonights show will have possibly the highest ever audience for a Top Gear show, they very sneakily put the video of the Hamster’s accident on at the end so that everyone would have to watch it all first. I do know though that if it wasn’t for Mr H getting me vaguely interested in the show anyway I wouldn’t have watched it tonight.

I found this on this blog and I thought it could be interesting. The point is to find the signifigance each number has in your life. It’s been quite difficult to fill in actually.

1- the number of children I have
2- the number of years I taught before maternity leave
3- houses we’ve lived in since we were married
4- the number of the house I grew up in
5- the number of years I’ve known Mr H for
6- the number of packets of crisps I once ate in one day (it was a very bad day…..)
7- the number of babies that regularly come to the baby group I run (just done some new posters so hopefully that’ll go up)
8- the age in months the munchkin was when she started crawling
9- the number of hours sleep per night my body seems to need at the moment
10- the number of teeth the munchkin has at the moment
11- the day and the month my sister was born
12- months since I started blogging
13- the number of hours sleep the munchkin sometimes has at night (I know…..we’re sooo lucky)
14- the age I was when my periods started (on my birthday!)
15- when I passed my last violin exam (grade 6)
16- the age I was when I had my first kiss
17- when I decided the driving was not for me (nutty instructor definately had something to do with it)
18- when I took, and somehow passed, the A levels I needed to get into Cambridge
19- months in age between me and my sister
20- months I’d known Mr H before we married

Well, another reason the new Blogger is a pain is that I can’t transfer my archives over here….hopefully WordPress will soon produce some software to do so, but until then they’re all on http://itsamumslife.blogspot.com

Well, I’m just experimenting at the moment, but I may be moving my other blog over here depending on how easy it is to manage and to change the format. So far I like being able to change the image at the top, but I haven’t got a lot further!

I need to see how to change the sidebar contents next I think.


I saw this on The Natural Blue and since Mr H is something of a Simpsons fan (and fast converting the munchkin!) I thought I’d give it a go…

You Are Marge Simpson

You’re a devoted family member who loves unconditionally.

Sometimes, though, you dream about living a wild secret life!

You will be remembered for: your good cooking and evading the police

Your life philosophy: “You should listen to your heart, and not the voices in your head.”

The Simpsons Personality Test

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