I have no idea what caused her to do it, but the munchkin woke at 4:15 this morning with absolutely no intention of going back to sleep. Eventually got her back to sleep again at almost 6, but that was after trying to cuddle her, having my hand on her in the cot, bringing her into our bed (where she kept putting her fingers into my mouth and banging her head on ours) and finally giving in and giving her 5 oz of milk. I’m so tired today, the munchkin has refused to nap this morning (so hoping she will this afternoon…I need a breather) so I’ve got very little done and I’ve got Mr H’s sister, D, and her husband, G, coming to stay at the weekend. Argh…..so much to do.

Todo list for this afternoon:

  • put dry washing away
  • hang out washing to dry
  • run dishwasher
  • clear kitchen/dining room surfaces