We had a horrendous night last night. The munchkin settled well as normal, then just as H and I were settling down to sleep I heard her being sick. She’d brought up all of the tea and bedtime milk (which she hadn’t drunk much of). This was followed by 2 hours of retching while she brought up every last bit of stuff from her tummy. She was so unhappy, really pale and listless in my arms, blatently in a lot of discomfort, it was awful not being able to do anything to help her. We nearly took her to A&E (no out of hours GP for under 2s here) but thought that was a bit excessive. Eventually she perked up a little so we brought her into our bed, she woke at 3 and would only settle with a little bit of water (which eventually stayed down) and then again at 7 when H got up.

The diahorrea (sp) kicked in this morning (everywhere!), she’s asleep in her cot at the moment, I don’t know how long for….

I now have almost a full load of washing that’s covered with poo and sick to do as well as the load of washing that was put in last night….and I was finally tackling Mount Washmore….

I have no idea whether this bug has come from, it looks like a standard D&V virus, but none of the other babes she’s been around are showing signs of anything…..it’s a bit of a mystery.

Will hopefully update later. Hope everyone reading this is ok.