….well, in training anyway!

After months of feeding the munchkin lunches/dinners based around frozen cubes of mince/chicken casserole and mixed vegetables combined with rice or pasta (due to tiredness and a lack of inspiration) I concocted a meal of poached cod, mushrooms and peas (with the ubiquitous rice) yesterday. The munchkin loved it! She gobbled up the remains of it for lunch today. I feel quite good for doing that, challenge now is to top that tonight!

I’m not sure how possible that will be…..we need to do some food shopping…..I was supposed to be doing it this afternoon and then Mr H would pick me and the munchkin up and drive us home. However Mr H forgot to put the munchkin’s car seat in the car and despite me calling him a minute after he left and him being so close to home he refused to come and collect it….grrrrr. It could be interesting seeing what he comes home with, I need to email him a shopping list, but as I was planning on deciding on the menus for next week while I was shopping (especially for the dinner I’m cooking on Saturday for my lactose intolerant best friend) I suspect we’ll be shopping again on Saturday!

Next task for the budding domestic goddess here is to clear the desk….