It’s been a long time since I posted on here. There’s been a lot going on. My depression started to worsen and I began to get very lethargic and permanently tired. I decided that if I continued posting it’d just turn into a load of winges and I wasn’t sure I wanted that time recording.
Well, I’ve now had my Implanon implant removed (possibly going to try for baby number two next year and want some normal cycles first) which has vastly improved my depression, enough that the doctor has agreed to weaning me off the anti depressants! Yay! Since then my energy and motivation levels have soared, maybe my body was trying to say to me stop tampering with me and let me do it myself.
So I’m back! There’ll be more stories of the munchkin’s exploits and maybe some about things going on in the world.
As for now….it’s lunchtime in the H household so I need to go and cook.