Well, after saying that the munchkin was sleeping through the night we had an awful night last night. She was up for an hour at 10:30 and again up for 40+ minutes at about 4am :o( Not entirely sure what was the problem at either time. She definately has a tooth coming through, but they haven’t caused her too many problems previously, so I’m not sure that was the problem. She had a very wet nappy at the first waking, but still didn’t settle at all well after that was changed. Hopefully it was just a one off and we’ll be back to sleeping through again tonight.

We did make it to Halfords on Sunday, but they had no helmets in stock small enough for the munchkin and they didn’t have any seats that attach to my bike as Mr H wants (according to him the seats that attach to my seat post damage my bike frame over time due to the forces they exert…so he wants one that attaches to a pannier rack…but they then don’t allow me to have panniers…which in turn means that I wouldn’t have enough space to carry milk/nappies etc as I don’t want to wear a backpack when the munchkin is sitting just behind me) [goodness…was the sentence long enough?!?]

So we’re now looking at a trailer for the munchkin, Halfords don’t stock the one we’re looking at (Adventure AT2) so we’re going to head into London for the day on Saturday to have a look at a big bike store that Mr H has heard about (Bonthrone Bikes) who stock the trailer and should know what they’re talking about. Halfords is the only bike shop where we live that has much stock and still doesn’t meet Mr H’s standards…

If anyone reading this has any experience of bike trailers or child seats please leave me a comment and let me know what you have and whether it’s any good as I’m still open to other ideas. Thanks.