What a week we’ve had!

Monday….fine, found a couple of dead wasps in the downstairs toilet, ok, we thought, they’re just dying in the heat

Tuesday morning….the munchkin throws up her morning milk everywhere, we find a wasps nest in the outside wall next to the outlet pipe from the downstairs toilet, next step close all the windows on the front of the house

Tuesday afternoon….the munchkin throws up again, the council eventually answer their phone and tell me that the earliest they can come and remove the nest is Monday!! we decide that the munchkin may be suffering from heat exhaustion (it’s been averaging over 30oC in the house this week) so we went out to get an air con unit to get at least one room cool

Wednesday….the munchkin wakes up with diarrhoea (but no vomiting), I wake up with a tummy bug as well

Thursday…I wake feeling a bit better, Mr H comes down with the bug, the munchkin starts to get dehydrated as she starts to be sick again.

Today….Mr H and I both much better, the munchkin now on water/dioralyte only for a couple of days on the doctor’s advice. She hasn’t been sick since last night and the diarrhoea is easing.

It’s been a horrible week, it was supposed to be a nice week, Mr H off work to get some rest and get stuff done in the house, however we’ve all been ill, it’s been soooo hot, we’ve had wicked, evil wasps everywhere and we’ve had a to cancel a trip up north to go to the good bye bbq for one of my best friends before she goes away to America to teach for at least a year. Hopefully as the mucnhkin starts to feel better and gets some more life in her that’ll help us perk up, but what a waste of a week…