We had a fab weekend. Go ape on Staurday was amazing, though I’m now in so much pain when I move in certain ways. I’m on the short side of things so stretching to reach some of the hand holds was difficult and I’ve stretched the muscles in my tummy and arms, bending over yesterday was a struggle to say the least. It was a great day though.

Mr H thoroughly enjoying experimenting with his camera and took some brilliant pictures of us all, some not very flattering ones too (you try looking good in one of those safety harnesses!!). The munchkin enjoyed the walk (well being pushed around) and getting lots of attention from all the girls. The dinner out was lovely too, though there was a bit of a disagreement over the bill and how to split it. My sister seemed to have little patience for her friends who have less money than her; and who, in her opinion, seem to think she is made of money (she’s just spent £2000 on a cooker and £8000 on her garden though, so definately does have more money than them who all but one live at home with their parents as they can’t afford to move out!!).

Ok, rant over, I did enjoy the weekend, though it did highlight to me a bit how dissimilar my sister and I are. It was good to see her and for her to see the munchkin, though any longer than the weekend and I would have struggled (and I wasn’t even staying at her house!). We’ve got a quiet week in store now, Mr H has the week of work as a break, and we’re going back up to my parents next weekend for a leaving party for a friend of mine. We’re going to try and get some of the DIY done in the house, there’s a few bits that just need fixing and hopefully we’ll be able to get some more of the boxes in the study unpacked. We’ll see!

The munchkin’s just napping now, but I need to go and make her lunch before she wakes otherwise it’ll be too hot for her. Bye!