Could be an interesting weekend this weekend….Mr H, the munchkin and I are sharing a hotel room with my mum!!!! It’s my sister’s hen weekend which Mum and I have been invited along too, and Mum offered to pay for our room if we all shared, so off to the travelodge we go!

I’m not sure if Mum realises how often the munchkin wakes us (read me!). At the moment we have to get up and feed her twice a night, if she wakes properly she won’t go back to sleep without a bottle of milk. We are going to try next week to go cold turkey on the milk front, so if she wakes in the night and won’t settle on her own we’ll just give her some water and hope that’ll settle her. We think she’s needing the milk as much out of habit when she wakes as out of hunger. We may need to try continuing with milk, but gradually watering it down over a couple of weeks. We’ll see what happens.

The weekend should be fun though, BBQ tomorrow evening, Go Ape on Saturday (not sure how much I’ll enjoy this…I’m not much of a sporty/active person!) and a dinner out on Saturday before my sister and her girlfriends go out on the town (Mum and I are going back to the travelodge then…clubbing’s not our scene!). It’ll be great to see Mum and sis again, the munchkin has changed so much since they last saw her, she’s such a little girl now, not a baby anymore. When we last saw my sister we’d only just started weaning the munchkin and she wasn’t even rolling, now she’s self feeding and crawling all over the place (latest trick is crawling to the bookcase and pulling off the books!).

Anyway, I need to go and pack before the munchkin needs her tea and Mr H gets home from work. Hope you all have a good weekend!