Big excitement in the H house last night….(can you tell we don’t get out much?)….Mr H picked up the playpen and tent! It’s so cool, the munchkin is quite happy in there while I get on with housework, and when we put the tent up last night just to see how it looked it was fab! It’s definately worth the money we’ve spent on it.

The other mums at baby group were really impressed with the munchkin’s newly discovered mobility, she’s such a tiddler still (8 months old and comfortably fitting in 3-6 month clothes!) that it was a bit of a surprise to see her moving. It was so muggy this afternoon that two of the mums at baby group (they had teeny tots) left really early and the remaining three of us decided to come over to mine where we could safely open an outside door to get some air moving. The air is so stagnant today, it’s really horrible. We’ve been forecast some big storms, but there’s no sign of them yet, the sky is a pale grey, now sun, but no thunder clouds either.

So the munchkin is now crawling, that’s number 1 on her list of achievements for this week. Number two appears to be the beginnings of a bottom tooth! There’s a nice white lump in the middle which is visible when she giggles. What’ll be next? Quite a week for the little lady.