….somebody is crawling….baby-proofing needed!

The munchkin has been wriggling and shuffling around on her tummy for a couple of weeks, but we thought it would be a bit longer than this before she could crawl properly. She’s still slow, but she can now get wherever she wants to! And she was only 8 months old last Friday!

I can’t believe my little baby is now properly mobile. We were looking at some old photos on the computer yesterday and she’s changed so much. Much as I can’t face the whole idea of birth again I do miss her being a little baby…..that’s not to say I don’t love her to bits as she is now.

Due to a certain somebody’s mobility we’ve decided to invest in a playpen. We can’t fit a stair gate in at the bottom of the stairs easily, or even just round the coner from them so we decided to get a Babydan babyden. We’ve bought it very reasonably from Ebay, and we’ve got the tent to go with it to turn it inot a playhouse. Really looking forward to picking it up. These playpen’s aren’t cheap, but I’ve wanted one of them for the munchkin for ages and now with the inheritance coming through I can vaguely justify it!