They’ve been the recurring sounds in the H household this week.

Mr H has been off work since last Friday with headaches and tiredness (probably the after effects of a cold and the worst hayfever he has ever had), he’s gone back today, but is planning on doing a short day to ease himself back in.

The munchkin has been a bit snuffly, but yesterday came down with a full blown cold. We had a horrendous night last night. She went down for the night really well, woke at about 11 (just as Mr H and I were dozing off) and took an hour to settle back to sleep. We fed her, cuddled her, walked around with her and ended up given her a dose of Ashton and Parsons powders. They worked and helped her settle back down, but only for 4 hours….. She was up again, fed her, tried getting some Medised into her to help her breath and settle, but it only caused her to retch and bring back her milk all over my pillow! She hates medised, I think the bottle we have is just going to end up in the bin. It is a real fight to get it into her, I don’t really blame her though. She doesn’t understand that it’ll help her feel better and it really does taste disgusting, incrediably strong fake strawberry flavour. She slept then until 7:30 and went down for another nap over an hour ago….she’s still asleep now!

I’m ok, just could do with more sleep! The munchkin will no longer sleep beyond about 7:30 in the morning, so gone are my lie-ins! I just need to train myself to go to bed earlier….easier said then done…with going to bed promptly all my good intentions just fall by the wayside (a bit like the diet…will do a full post on that before too long….)

Aside from all that, things are pretty good, I’ve had the paperwork through for some inheritance (finally!) so we should be able to pay off some credit cards and still have some money spare for a holiday and to save up for anything we may need to spend on the house ( the windows will need replacing at some point in the next few years as will the flat roof over the downstairs toilet and porch). The weather has brightened up (though it’s getting hot!) which always lifts my mood. We’ve managed to clear all(!!!!) of the boxes from downstairs now and it’s so nice to be able to relax in teh living room with out seeing boxes of junk.

Anyway, need to go now, the munchkin has woken up and willl want some milk. Bye!