I’ve had a really nice day today, didn’t particularly expect a nice day, but it turned out good.

Started the day with another meeting with the counsellor from the mental health team, talking to her made me realise how much better I am now compared to when I saw her last. We agreed that I don’t need any more appointments with her but I’d call if I needed any more support.

Got home and put the munchkin down for a much needed nap (she won’t sleep in the pushchair at the moment), woke her up just in time to go out and meet the girls (plus one other half!) to go down to the toy library. The munchkin had to eat her lunch on the way….she didn’t seem to mind that though!

We arrived at the toy library to find to closed due to holidays….. we were a little surprised to say the least, it hadn’t been mentioned when we were there a fortnight ago, and previously when the lady who runs it went away she let us know in advance. L offered her flat for a cuppa so we went over there. It was really nice to see our little ones playing (the munchkin frantically trying to crawl like the big boys!) and also great to spend some time getting to know people a bit better. I’m really starting to feel part of a group here now. Definately not feeling as lonely. We’re hopefully going to rotate around each others’ homes after the toy library each week.

I’m feeling good about the house too; as we’ve finally managed to make it look as though we didn’t move in last week (rather than 4 1/2 months ago!). We have homes for most things and only one room with many boxes in.

Anyway, need to go to bed….nighty night all!