Ooppss…I didn’t mean to leave it over a week between posts…sorry!

Well, things are pretty good down here. The munchkin is finally getting over her cold, it’s just taken her over a fortnight! She’s getting desperate to move around, she can roll, though not very targetted :o) and can twist herself around on her tummy.

She’d been refusing her purees for over a week so when I saw the health visitor last Wednesday I asked her what was best to do, she said the the munchkin was probably wanting to take control and feed herself, so she suggested moving her onto finger foods.. Well, what a mess they create! The munchkin is loving feeding herself and is also now sleeping better again….phew! She slept through from 9pm till 8 am yesterday. We did have to have a shower before putting her down at 9 as it was so hot she couldn’t sleep, her bedroom was at 30 (!) so I’m not surprised she struggled to get so sleep.;

We picked up my bureau on Friday, it’s lovely. We’ve had to re-treat it for woodworm (the seller did say it had been treated, but there were rather a lot of holes so we thought better safe than sorry) but apart from that it’s great, lots of space for all my card making bits and pieces.


On a completely different and sobering note, if you do pray, will you please pray for a friend of mine, V. She’s a teacher and is having to deal with the sudden (accidental) death of a pupil in her class, she doesn’t seem to be getting any help from the senior team at her school and is struggling to know what to say to her pupils. Please also pray for the family and friends of the boy who died. Thanks.