…than I disappear again! Sorry!

Well we were away again last weekend. We went back up to Yorkshire to see my folks and my school friends. It was great to see Mum and Dad (the munchkin loves her grandpa, and loves tugging his beard and giggling at him quacking at her) and fab to see my school mates. They took me out for a girlie night out (my first one since the munchkin was born), it was a great night, they did ply me with rather a lot of wine though….I did stumble up the steps a bit when I got home… It was quite wierd to be out without the munchkin, but so nice to go and in see her sleeping happily. Mr H seemed to enjoy having a takeaway curry with Mum (he loves his northern currys…) while they babysat the munchkin and was sitting watching a film when I got in (Mum had already gone home to bed). We managed to call in and see my gran on our way home. She hasn’t seen the munchkin since November so she loved to see how much she’d changed.

Since we got back the munchkin has been a bit off colour, had a little bit of a temperature and today has been a poo monster. Every single nappy since we got up until Mr H got in from work has been wet and pooey. The first two of the day also leaked all over her sleeping bag in the first instance and her clothes in the second….fun….not! She did perk up after some Nurofen this afternoon which helped me, as I’m suffering with a cold too. Hopefully we’ll have a good night tonight and all feel a bit better tomorrow.

I’m watching celeb X Factor as I type this, it’s so funny! Some are good (Chris Moyles, Nikki Sanderson and Matt Stevens) and some are dire (James & Rebecca and the Chefs). I think Chris will win….Radio 1 have been plugging him all week and trying to get people to vote for him.

Can’t believe James and Rebecca are through again…